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Organisational Model

The Organisational Model constitutes an indispensable guide for all employees and collaborators of the Pirelli Group, supplying clear lines of conduct and control and measurement schemes to protect health and safety at work.

Pirelli & C. SpA Organisational Model  Pirelli & C. SpA Organisational Model - Summary document.

Ethical Code

The Group Code of Ethics formulates the general principles (transparency and fairness) inspiring the conduct of business. It indicates the objectives and the values informing business activity in relation to the main stakeholders with which Pirelli & C. S.p.A. interacts on a daily basis: the shareholders, the financial market, customers and staff.

This document provides all the Group's affiliates with cogent and uniform guidelines for the professional practices to be followed by anyone who work for or on behalf of the Pirelli Group, or has business dealings with it (" Addressees of the Code") including agents and other intermediaries.

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More information about Ethical Code adopted by Pirelli are available at Sustainability / The Values and Ethical Code of the Pirelli Group section.

Last Revised: 31 Jul 2013