In its meeting on June 12, 2014, the Board of Directors of the Company, after obtaining the opinion of the Board of Statutory Auditors, confirmed the Chief Financial Officer Francesco Tanzi as the manager responsible for the preparation of the corporate financial documents for the duration of the term of office of the Board of Directors of the Company.

The Manager in charge has the following main tasks:

  • to organise adequate administrative and accounting procedures for the formation of the Company's financial reports and consolidated financial statements and all other communications of a financial nature;
  • to issue a written declaration attesting that the documents and communications of the Company disseminated to the market and the related financial reports, including mid-year reports, of the Company correspond to the documentary evidence, ledgers and accounting records;
  • to declare, with a specific report drawn up according to the model established in the Consob regulations, attached to the annual financial statements, the half-yearly abbreviated financial statements and the consolidated financial statements:
    • the adequacy and effective application of the procedures identified in paragraph a) above during the period to which the documents refer;
    • that the documents are drawn up in compliance with the applicable international accounting standards recognised in the European Community pursuant to EC regulation no. 1606/2002 of the European Parliament and Council of 19 July 2002;
    • that the documents correspond with the ledger entries and accounts;
    • that the documents are suitable to provide a true and correct representation of the economic, financial and equity situation of the Company and the set of businesses included in the consolidation;
    • for the statutory and consolidated financial reports, that the report on operations includes a reliable analysis of their progress and operating results as well as of the situation of the Company and the set of businesses included in the consolidation, together with descriptions of the principal risks and uncertainties to which they are exposed;
    • for the abbreviated half-yearly report, that the half-yearly report on operations contains a reliable analysis of the information specified in subsection 4 of article 154-ter of the CFL.

The Manager in charge is also attributed all powers of an organisational and management nature needed to perform the tasks attributed to him by the current regulations, the Company Bylaws and the Board of Directors. To exercise the powers conferred on him, he is granted full economic autonomy.

The Manager in charge is called upon to attend Company Board of Directors meetings with the examination of Company economic and financial data on the agenda.
He promptly reports to the delegated administrative body, to the Board of Directors, also through the Audit, Risks, Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee, on any matters of significant relevance that he believes must be declared in the report specified in article 154-bis of the CFL if not corrected.

The Manager in charge has direct access to all the information necessary for the production of the accounting data, without the need of any authorisation; he shares in the internal flows for accounting purposes and approves all the company procedures that have an impact on the economic, financial and equity situation of the Company.

The Manager in charge also reports to the Board of Directors directly or through a Board Committee and to the Board of Statutory Auditors at least once a year.
The Board of Directors ensures that the Manager has adequate means and powers to perform the duties assigned to him, and monitors that the administrative and accounting procedures are effectively respected.

Last Revised: 29 Oct 2014