Letters: T, U, V, W
Total Cost of Ownership Overall tyre cost of tyre use as a combination of the initial purchasing price and cost connected with possible tyre retreading. Industrial segment.
Tread Made of rubber mix and a design that can guarantee a good resistance to abrasion and grip to both dry and wet road surfaces as well as low noise level. Tread design is improved by the way blocks interact with grooves and sipings.
Tread grooves Channels whose sizes vary according to tread design. Help clearing the footprint from water.
Tread noise Noise emitted while tyre is rolling on a mainly smooth surface at a given speed.
Tread pattern Definition used to indicate the tread pattern design.
TRUCK&BUS Tyres Pirelli industrial vehicles segmentation concept is based on the severity of the road conditions. The typical categories “road and off road” were integrated with six large areas o fuse, diversified and rande according to the conditions of the roads where the vehicle is used. Road conditions and type of vehicles are the features that determine the best tyre for each segment. The areas devised are: Truck, Bus, Tractor, On/Off Vehicle, Trailer. For the Truck segment, the two top lines are the new green tyres FR:01 and TR:01 already fully compliant with the European environmental protection regulations. (Truck)
Tyre First Life Mileage made until regrooved/retreades (related to Truck area) (Truck)
Ultra High Performance (UHP) Car tyres that can stand speeds exceeding 240 km/h. Tyres with speed codes W, Y and Z, are fitted on sporting cars of prestigious makes (Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and BMW, to mention but a few). Some Pirelli UHP tyres: Pzero Corsa System, Pzero Rosso, Pzero, Pzero Nero, Scorpion Verde. (UHP)


Piece of equipment allowing blending (chemical reaction of the components) of tyre and tread-printing at same time. From product plasticity to elasticity and production comes to its end.
Winter tyres Tread design and compound suitable to ease traction and grip as well as road hold on snow and/or low temperatures. Identified with M+S Mud and Snow . Winter tyres account for approx. 10% of Consumer segment sales. Detailed description of the Winter Tyre Collection