Letter: S
Scorpion Tyre family designed for SUVs and Off Road Vehicles. Product range includes pure off-road (Scorpion MUD), hybrid off-road/on-road (Scorpion ATR, Scorpion STR) and on-road/high performance (Scorpion Zero, Scorpion Asimmetrico, Scorpion ICE&SNOW Scorpion Verde – cfr.).
Scorpion Verde

First high-performance eco-compatible tyre designed for the SUV and CROSSOVER segments. Pirelli Green Performance's philosophy and requirements are fully complied by Scorpion Verde

Shoulder Tyre section where footprint and sidewall intersect.
Sipings Indentions of different thicknesses and finely divided on the tread. Improve hold and grip especially on wet and smooth road surfaces.
Speed code Maximum speed of use. Codes and values espressed in letters (i.e., T, H, V, W, Y, Z) are reported in international standards.
Speed index Speed index or code on max. speed of tyre use as highlighted on Tables. Tyre acronyms Table
Steelcord Metal cord used to produce belts, carcass (truck) as well as other metal component needed to strenghten tyres. Global production in facilities located in Italy, Germany, Romania, Turkey and Brazil. Steelcord accounts for approximately 10% of the overall raw materials cost.
Sidewall Area between shoulder and bead. Rubber layer of varying thickness that protects carcass covers from side bumps, i.e. onto sidewalks edges.
Synthetic rubber Produced from simple hydrocarbons (organic compounds with only hydrogen and carbon atoms) generating through polymerizations some artificial latex that is later cooled. See: Raw Materials.