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Radial tyres

Carcass made by one or more radial covers attached to cords.

Raw Materials

Raw materials are of paramount importance  within the Tyre Business (36.5% of Pirelli  Tyre earnings in 2009).


Major price-drivers for Pirelli Raw Materials:
• futures on caoutchu (RSS3 e TRS20) for natural rubber
• styrene and  butadine for synthetic rubber
• crude oil price for carbon black
• steel price for steel cord
• zinc and oil for other chemicals

retreaded tyres-NOVATEK
Tread replaced with new material in line with the original. Regrooving is possible since the backbone structure generally has a longer lifecycle than the tread. After centering and balancing, tyres are vulcanized so that the new and old materials blend. Regrooved tyres are used in the Industrial consumer segment. Pirelli developed its Novateck technology, acknowledged worldwide for its success with the major industrial vehicles manufacturers. A careful carcass selection, extremely sophisticated regrooving materials and a perfect regrooving process guaranteed by stringent checks: all this, guarantees that Novatek products have a performance level fully comparable with new tyres. As a further validation to the quality standards offered, Novatek products are guaranteed under the same terms and conditions applicable to new products as to any possible manufacturing fault.
Reliability The ability tyres have to keep the same (or almost) quality performance lever over time, with reference to road safety standards.
Replacement Channel Sales of tyres to be replaced. In the 2009, this Channel accounted for 77% of Pirelli’s sales.
Retailers Organisations where final consumers can have their tyres replaced (workshops, car dealers, garages, resellers, hypermarkets, etc.)
Rice Husk Pirelli is committed to develop and use a number of new and increasingly environmentally safe materials. From rice husk (waste from processing of rice that is not edible) with a low amount of Energy silica can be produced. Silica is one of the key components for tyres production. The use of this natural product will limit the use of silica obtained through a process requiring very high energy consumption with a decreased level of pollution.
RIM Metal ring made of several steel threads. Carcass covers are secured to it.
Rolling Resistance Ability of the tyre to contrast its natural rolling movement. Less rolling resistance means less Energy to keep same speed with a better fuel saving.
Run Flat Technology that allows safe operation of the car also in case tyre is flat. For a Run Flat tyre to guarantee full "operation when flat" and with no danger, some maximum values of speed and mileage must be complied with (80 km/h for 80 km or 50 mph for 50 miles). Based on the MIRS™ technology, the Pirelli Run Flat Self-Supporting tyres have a better homogeneous quality since they are completely seamless.