Letters: N, O
Natural rubber From over 300 hundred varieties of plants (Hevea brasiliensis the most used) all living in tropical environments. Among major producers (maily tropical and sub-tropical regions): Thayland, Malaysia, China and India. See: Raw Materials Major Pirelli reference rubber: TRS20 (90% of overall rubber used) at present cheaper than RSS3.
Noise level Impact tyres have on noise level both inside and outside the car as well as noise on flat surfaces. Typically, tread noise, acceleration noise and noise while turning or cornering. New European noise pollution limits for road tyres to be enforced in 2012 bring to 73 decibel the present 76 decibel limit (as per 2001/43/EC).
OE Channel Tyres sales made directly to car manufacturers. In the 2009, OE accounted for 23% of Pirelli’s sales.