Letter: C
Carbon Black Family of raw materials from oil to be added to compounds to improve tyres’ physical features. Major carbon black price index is the oil price. Carbon black accounts for 13% of the total raw material expenditure (as of 2009).
Carcass Stand fiction due to filling pressure, applied load and forces between tyre and surface during rolling (vertical, longitudinal and lateral). Improves driving comfort.
Casing Basic element of tyre carcass.
CCM Continuous Compound Mixing, experimental process that replaces typical compound preparation (through discontinous lots) and allows for continous compund mixing with no stops and/or intermediate steps.
Cinturato Pirelli Launched in the Fifties as Pirelli’s top of range product, Cinturato becomes an icon in terms of style and made in Italy. In 2008, upon its relaunch, a new concept of environmental compatibility and high performance were the key levers. Now, Cinturato is the product Pirelli developed for environment-conscious customers who like low-environmental impact products.
Cinturato Pirelli
Consumer Includes tyres to be fitted on vehicles to be used by private consumers (cars, SUV, Vans and moto-bikes). The Consumer segment accounts for 70% of Pirelli’s Tyres overall sales.
Cyber Tyre Cyber Tyre, the smart rubber that can “read” the road through an integrated chip and gives real-time information to adjust driving and activate safety warnings when needed. Cyber Tyre, by keeping under control the state and pressure level of the tyres also reduces consumption and environmental impact. Brembo and Magneti Marelli cooperated with Pirelli on this project.
Cyber Tyre
Compound Mix of crude materials used to produce tyres. By varying types and percentage of compound, different tyres for different purposes are produced.