Letter: E
Employer Branding Defined as all the operations carried out by a business to create and communicate its own identity to a target group composed of candidates and employees, so that the brand attracts and holds onto these subjects in line with the corporate culture and values.
Environmental Audit Systematic and documented verification process analysing and evaluating, with objective evidence, whether the methods of dealing with environmental questions and the procedures conform to the requisites established and accepted by an organization or parts of the same.
Environmental Due Diligence Systematic verification of the environmental conditions of a site in order to establish the current or potential environmental liabilities.
Environmental Impact Any modification to the environment, detrimental or beneficial, total or partial, as a consequence of the activities, products or services of an organization.
Environmental Indicator A parameter or numerical value describing the impact of a human activity on the environment.
Environmental Management System Part of the overall management system comprising the organizational structure, the planning activities, the liabilities, the practices, the procedures, the processes and the resources for developing, implementing, creating, verifying and maintaining the environmental policy.
Extrusion The process of assembling the compounds on semi-finished components, through specific processes involving the fusion of the compounds themselves.