Letters: D, E, F
Dividend Profit paid to shareholders/stockholders of a company as a payment for the capital invested. Pirelli dividend policy
Earning per share EPS, Earning Per Share, is the measure of the absolute value on the profit of the invested capital per single share.
EBIT (Earnings before Interests and Taxes) One of the major operating profitability indicators measuring profit before payment of interests and possible income taxes.
EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) Income margin on corporate profit before interests, taxes, charges, extraordinary items, depreciations and amortizations.
Enterprise Value

Expresses the overall corporate value between its capitalization at the Stock Exchange and its net financial debts. To compare different companies in the same industry, the Enterprise Value is based on economic indicators, such as Ebitda and Ebit. The higher the EV/Ebitda, EV/Ebit ratios, the higher is the assessment of a given company compared to its peers.

Ex-dividend (or ex-coupon) Stck Exchange jargon word to describe a share/stock sold with no right to earn dividends that have already been announced and to be paid during the following weeks (see Dividend)
Ex-warrant (opposite: cum warrant) When a share/stock and/or security is purchased or sold with no rights conneted to it upon its issuance (see Warrant)
Floating shares Capital percentage net from control investments and available to Stock Exchange trading. Pirelli & C Floating accounts for 48% of its ordinary capital (see Shareholders Structure)
FTSE MIB Key financial index from the Milan Stock Exchange. Includes shares/stocks of the 40 leading Italian and foreign companies listed on the markets managed by Borsa Italiana. Accounts for approx. 80% of the Italian Stock Market. The FTSE MIB index is weighted based on Market capitalization after having corrected the basic elements vs floating. For further info: Borsa Italiana
Fundamentals They are basic numerical indicators reflecting the solidity of a company and its management and financial results. They constitute an essential point of reference for investors