Pirelli is the company that operates in the tyre sector, the core business of the Group for over a century.

Pirelli designs, develops, manufactures and markets tyres - for motor vehicles, industrial vehicles and motorcycles - and steelcord. The manufacturing structure of the company consists of 22 plants in 13 countries throughout the world (Argentina, Brazil, China, Egypt, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Turkey, United States and Venezuela), and a commercial network that covers over 160 companies.

The business of Pirelli consists of two main segments: Consumer (about 70% of total revenues) deals with tyres for motor vehicles, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), light commercial vehicles and motorbikes; and Industrial (about 30% of revenues), which means tyres for buses, heavy trucks, agricultural machinery and steelcord, the fundamental strengthening element for radial tyres.

These businesses are in turn focused on two different sales channels: original fit, directly focused on manufacturers, and replacements, replacement tyres for vehicles already on the road. Pirelli's technological skills and innovative approach have allowed it to consolidate agreements with the most prestigious motor vehicle and motorbike manufacturers in the world.

Pirelli is synonymous with quality, strong emotions and the ultimate in performance. And it is in the high tech and superior performance segment of the high-end market that Pirelli has, over the years, built its leadership.

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Last Revised: 24 Jul 2013