CommunicationPirelli is synonymous with innovation in communication, too. For Pirelli, communicating is seeking new ways and new language to create tools to transmit a way of being. Without ever forgetting its history and tradition.

Pirelli communication is global. And advertising is only the start - there is also the Calendar, the company's commitment to sport and culture, as well as to fashion, with PZero, and to the short web films of PirelliFilm.

But it is primarily the Calendar that testifies to the strength of the Group in communication. The idea dates back to 1964, when the marketing department of Pirelli UK decided to give a calendar to its best clients - the first Pirelli calendar. In reality - it should be mentioned - this wasn't the first: the year before, famous photographer Terence Donovan had created a calendar that was never published.

Over the years the calendar has become the unmistakeable "business card" of Pirelli. A success that chairman Marco Tronchetti Provera summarises like this: "The Pirelli calendar is in line with our group's industrial tradition of being able to anticipate the times through innovation: that is why Pirelli, long ago, earned their place among the world's leading manufacturers."

Last Revised: 06 Aug 2013