2011 Campaign


With this campaign Pirelli celebrates its return to Formula 1® after a huge effort in terms of research and testing. Technology, passion, performance and adrenaline are the key elements in the development of the new P Zero range of Formula 1™ tyres; it is thanks to these ingredients that Pirelli was chosen by the teams as official tyre supplier, while also demonstrating its ability to bring true excitement back to Formula 1®.


The new 2011 winter campaign revives and reiterates the founding elements of the Pirelli brand, power and control, in a context that is extreme, both because of the climate - as suggested by the presence of a group of Eskimos at the North Pole - and the presence of a Formula 1® car.

The image associates the extreme power of a Formula 1™ car with the safety factor that Pirelli has been sponsoring for years. Indeed, the message it has consistently tried to get across is that when the temperature falls below 7°C, whatever the state of the road surface, it is crucial to mount Pirelli winter tyres in order to guarantee both high performance and safety.
For Pirelli, even in winter conditions, power is nothing without control.


Ultima revisione: 17 Mar 2014