2009-2010 Campaign


In a market characterized by years of weak innovation and no revolutionary products, this campaign presents a real innovative product: Cinturato P7.
The key point of the campaign, however, stands also before the product. It stands in what innovation means for Pirelli: not only high performance in terms of grip and safety, but also eco-green friendly soul. This is what is called the GREEN PERFORMANCE positioning.
This positioning represents a kind of revolution for the consumer who used to think that  greener products have a lower performance.
The campaign stresses this positioning, claiming with an headline which is a brand statement and with the product itself as a visual: in fact, there couldn't have been a better reason to believe to the brand statement and to the Green Performance positioning than the product itself.



Pirelli Moto is a brand known and chosen for its aggressive and high performance positioning, thanks to the link with the mother brand.
Night Dragon Tyres are thought for V-TWINS custom motorbikes and for their bikers who customize their vehicle looking for the maximum performance, also in terms of speed.
The campaign tells creatively how the Night Dragon tyres can transform the motorbike performances and the biker experience: with them, in fact, the motorbike will really act like a beast.



The campaign intends to celebrate the triumph of the Le Mans' 24hours and Montmelò 24hours circuits by the Kawasaki team, together with Pirelli Diablo Superbike tyres. This was an absolute historical result: in the last years, the competition was dominated by Michelin's teams. The campaign leverages on the name of the product, the common saying "Thanks God", the name of the circuit and the historical happening which is compared to haven. All in the hot asphalt cement of the circuit.



The communication of the Pirelli Angel ST takes the principal features of the product. Its strong image is already built in: the tread has an angel design that becomes a devil after about 1000 kilometres.

So it's a tyre with a dual soul:reliable and comfortable on the one hand, and aggressive and high performance on the other, for the rider who wants everything. The perfect sports-tourer tyre.
This dual personality has been celebrated and communicated through an image of high visual impact, with a striking and surreal touch. The protagonists are naturally an angel and a devil, presented in a stylised biker form.

2008 Campaign Angel ST

A story of coexistence and reconciliation, expressed in a single strong image in full-on Pirelli style.

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