2008 Campaign


To communicate the great reliability of the Winter Sottozero Serie II tyre, whatever the winter conditions of the road surface, Pirelli has chosen as its symbol the husky, a dog used to living in the cold, perfectly comfortable with typical winter conditions.
In the visual part of the campaign, four huskies are crouched in a car park, positioned to simulate the arrangement of a vehicle's tyres, ready to spring up and release all their power. The same power the Winter Sottozero Serie II tyre guarantees, thanks to Pirelli technology.



The campaign intends to celebrate the birth of Pirelli Diablo Rosso, the motorbike tyre that was created to satisfy the most demanding bikers, including those who want "sports" performance from their bike every day - speed, grip and handling , stability and durability, with high performance and a vast range of emotions.

The high impact visual is a hyperbolic representation of how Pirelli Diablo Rosso is able to guarantee perfect grip and road holding in any situation, including the most difficult ones, to experience intense and limitless emotions.

The headline "Pirelli Diablo Rosso. Feelings should have no limits" further strengthens this emotional component, celebrating the strength of the new tyre.

Diablo Rosso


The advertising campaign for the Cinturato P4-P6, the historical radial tyre from Pirelli, a byword for innovation and excellence since its launch in the 1950s, offers a highly evocative interpretation of its eco-compatible characteristics. The Cinturato P4-P6 is in fact able to appreciably reduce harmful emissions and so guarantee respect for the environment, as well as the highest standards in terms of performance, safety and versatility of use.

The result is a visual hyperbole with great impact, that emphasises how the PIRELLI Cinturato is a tyre that is "sensitive" to both the road and the environment: the traces it leaves on the road surface are in fact artistic signs, that assume different shapes and figures each time, traces that can beautify and make poetic everything that surrounds them.

Cinturato Tyre

The first of the 4 subjects of the campaign exalts respect for nature as a true art form: the marks that Cinturati PIRELLI leaves on the road surface are combined with tufts of grass that grow naturally from cracks in the asphalt, tracing a representation of a female face.

The other 3 subjects are also testimony to Pirelli's tangible commitment to respect for nature and better quality of life.

Last Revised:  17 Mar 2014