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"Pirelli Stories of Work" presented at the Italian ChamberIn many ways, Pirelli is one of the most prestigious symbols of Italian industry“. With these words, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Gianfranco Fini, opened “Stories and actualities of work in the experience of a great Italian company”, a conference that took place Wednesday afternoon at Palazzo Montecitorio, Rome, with the participation of the Honourable Sergio Cofferati, economist Jean Paul Fitoussi, the Minister of the Economy Giulio Tremonti and the chairman of the Pirelli Group, Marco Tronchetti Provera.

The conference, in which members of the political, union, culture and entrepreneurial worlds took part at the invitation of the President of the Chamber, was born of the recent publication of “PIRELLI – STORIES OF WORK. Men, machines and ideas”, a book produced by Pirelli and published by Mondadori, which covers 136 years of the company’s history, recounting the social and economic reality of the country.

‘Internationalisation’, ‘technological innovation’ and ‘moral stature’, the values of Pirelli on which President Fini paused in his introductory speech, before handing over to Marco Tronchetti Provera, chairman of the Pirelli Group, who reminded the audience at the Sala della Regina that ‘passion’, ‘sense of belonging’ and ‘competence’ have enabled Pirelli to continue to be a bearer of innovation over time.

Of an anthropological, economic and social type, the contribution of Jean Paul Fitoussi, author of one of the three prefaces of the book (the others were by the writer  Erri De Luca and Antonio Calabrò, Pirelli’s director of Institutional Affairs and External Relations), remarked on how “one cannot imagine the future of the world without the wheel“, because “the wheel is an indispensable instrument that enables man to move about, like glasses are to reading”.

An unusual book, particularly courageous, also of great usefulness“, was the comment of Sergio Cofferati, who in his speech recalled Leopoldo Pirelli as one of the most avant garde contributors to the debate on the social conflicts of industrial civilisation.

Lastly, the remarks of the Minister of the Economy, Giulio Tremonti, who directed the attention of the audience to the importance of the patrimonial account in evaluating a company, an account that gives back the historic patrimony of a company, ‘photographing’ in that way a system of values and the values themselves that its financial account does not contemplate. A sophisticated metaphor for administrators, for whom the Minister recalled how ‘competence and prudence’ are at the basis of a successful management.

The conference concluded with the wish, on the part by President Gianfranco Fini, for at least another 136 years of life for Pirelli.
An extremely important afternoon for the Group which, in the splendour of the Sala della Regina, gave voice to the work of all the Pirelliani, advocates of a model history for the economy, but also for the social and cultural life of Italy and the world.

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Pirelli Chairman M. Tronchetti and Italian President Giorgio NapolitanoFor the strong contribution of innovation to the  business results, achieved through the integration of concepts and instruments of innovation into the daily activities of the personnel of all levels of the organisation”, Pirelli Tyre has won the 2009 ‘Companies for Innovation’ award as part of the ’2009 National Award for Innovation’ promoted by Confindustria.
For the points achieved and “for the dynamic and integrated innovation used as a lever for the involvement of the whole company, with a view to ensuring the growth and competitiveness at an international level”, Pirelli Tyre won the ‘Award of Awards’, together with other companies that distinguished themselves in the various selected national awards schemes.
The award, which has only been open to large companies from  this year, was recognised among the prizes within the framework of the ‘Award of Awards’, instituted in 2008 by the office of the Prime Minister to enhance the best capacity for innovation by companies, universities, administrations, institutions or single creators.
The awards ceremony took place yesterday afternoon in Rome at the Palazzo del Quirinale, where the chairman of Pirelli Marco Tronchetti Provera received the ’2009 National Award for Innovation’ from the Italian head of state, President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano.

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Carlisle HSEA Campus on Health, Safety and the Environment was held in Carlisle (UK) in March to encourage the use of the Behavioural Based Safety (BBS) method.

The campus involved all those who have a role, either directly or indirectly, in HSE, with the objective of developing a company culture oriented towards prevention and one which is also able to improve safety at work, leading to substantial improvements in business results by taking advantage of the best practices in use in the Group’s factories.

During the course, organised by Corporate HSE and HSE Tyre Europe with the support of HSE management in the UK, instructors, technicians and assistants learned to recognise and promote the activity that envisages safer conduct at work as a normal working method.
When faced with risky methods of work, the leaders explained the possible consequences of such repeated conduct over time and singled out the actions with which to modify them.  

Technicians from the Carlisle, Milan and Slatina (Rumania) factories took part in the HSE Campus. The leader of the course was the HSE manager of the factory in Izmit, Turkey.