Sustainability Channel

Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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TRUCK R01Pirelli Tyre has presented to the international press and dealers the new series R:01 for the Regional segment during two days that culminate today with participation in Autopromotec ’09, the international fair devoted to the equipment and products of the automotive industry.

The new Regional is a revolutionary tyre able to combine two points of view that, until recently, seemed irreconcilable: the severe norms in favour of the environment and the needs of the client. FR:01 for directional axles and TR:01 for traction axles anticipate the norm concerning respect for the environment, at the same time satisfying request for a reduction in the costs of management coming from clients due to greater mileage, reduction in fuel consumption, remouldability and respect for the environment, as emphasised by the Ecoimpact icon on the sidewall of the tyre.

The Bolognese event was also the right occasion on which to introduce a packet of new services in support of the operators: the Pirelli Retreading System, the renewed Pirelli system for remoulding tyres, the assistance on the road CQ24 International and Credit Tyre, the financing system for fleets and dealers.

Truck, the Pirelli Group’s new three-monthly magazine devoted to the world of transport, was also presented to the public and opens a channel of communication between the company and end users for continuous updating and closer examination of product innovations and the needs of the client. Tyres of the R:01 series were donated to the Civil Defence organisation at Aquila to equip the heavy vehicles of the Fire Service.

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Tyre Campus inauguration in YanzhouThe new Pirelli Tyre Campus is dedicated to improve the interactions between all the Functions in the Company as well as to the development of technical skills on Product and Services for both Car and Truck Tyre business.

It is the pivot of the Formation Courses, which are able to create actions to guarantee the competence necessary for a perfect professionalism in both areas: Commercial and Technical.

Together with the Tyre Campus Training Centre based at the Istituto Piero Pirelli in Milan, this new initiative confirms the effort that Pirelli Tyres put on continuous training of its internal and external resources as a fundamental element for continuous product and technology innovation of Pirelli Tyres.

The Pirelli China CEO, Mr. Giuseppe Cattaneo indicated that “The inauguration of the Tyre Campus has further marked the commitment of Pirelli to play a leading role in the tyre industry especially in the high end segment. Apart from the tyre industry, the auto industry including OE customers and Car Concessionaires will also benefit from Pirelli Tyre Campus’s training program and better equipped with advanced tyre technology and professionalism.”

In 2009, an estimate of 500 trainees from Car and Truck Tyre Distributors, Key Dealers and Pirelli employees will attend the training program. Eventually, the training will be extended to cover the auto industry and end users too.

In the near future, the Pirelli Tyre Campus will train Pirelli’s distributors, dealer as well as related business associates from other Asian countries.

About Pirelli Tyre Campus
Today, Pirelli Tyre Campus is already present in many important countries such as Italy, Turkey, Brazil and Egypt. Since 2005, the Pirelli Tyre Campus has been involving over 2,000 dealers, customers and sellers from Europe, Russia, Romania, Egypt and Africa. Tyre Campus received also important recognition by external organizations and institutions: Mercedes, Volkswagen Group, Skoda, Ford, Fiat and many others public company.

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Pirelli best InvestorPirelli & C. Eco Technology is the best investor of the year in the District of Gorj, Rumania. That has been established by Antena 1, the top commercial television channel with national coverage in the country, which instituted the ‘Best Investor’ award last year together with others for the companies and institutions of various sectors.

The presentation ceremony, organised by Antena 1 in cooperation with the District of Gorj and the Municipality of Targu-Jiu, took place on 20 December in the Targu-Jiu capital and involved numerous members of the local media.

An important closing of the year for Pirelli Eco Technology, the Pirelli Group company committed to the reduction of polluting emissions which, on 5 December, celebrated the fact that it had made its first anti-particulate filter in its Rumanian factory at Bumbesti-Jiu, one of the seven cities in the District of Gorj in the historic region of Oltenia.