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Pirelli exports to Australia its technology for reducing CO2 emissions

Milan, 22 June 2010 – Pirelli Ambiente, the company in the Pirelli Group operating in the field of renewable energy, signed a licensing agreement with Bosco International, which promotes systems and industrial processes for a sustainable environment, which will allow the Australian company to use the Pirelli patent for production of high quality solid recovered fuel (HQ-SRF) derived from municipal solid waste (MSW).

The Pirelli technology will initially be used in the Latrobe Valley in Victoria, Australia, as part of the program ‘Towards Zero Waste Policy’ introduced by the local government for containment of waste, with the aim of converting the 600,000 tons of MSW produced annually by the city of Melbourne into fuel. In particular, the exchange of technology will stimulate an investment by Bosco International to develop an HQ-SRF plant in Australia, once authorizations are obtained from local authorities.

The Pirelli HQ-SRF is obtained by adding other components with a high calorific power ( plastic from D.C. and rubber) to dry solid urban waste. It can be used to partially replace fossil fuels in already existing, non-dedicated, plants, such as cement works and thermal power plants and it yields significant environmental benefits for the population, both in terms of lower emissions in particular of CO2, NOX and SO2 from fossil fuels, and in economic terms (lower waste disposal costs).

The integrated system promoted by Pirelli Ambiente has been successfully used since late 2002 in the Cuneo Provincial Authority Area, with the Idea Granda project, a public-private partnership owned 49% by Pirelli, and 51% by local utility ACSR, with cement works Buzzi-Unicem of Robilante, which uses HQ-SRF in its main burner substituting more than 40% of coal-petkoke needed. From its beginning, this system has meant energy recovered from waste in the area rose more than 32%, a level greater than the Italian average (7%) and greater than the European average (27%). In addition, according to a study by the University of Milan in Bicocca using the Life Cycle Assessment Method, use of Pirelli HQ-SRF is, respectively, 90 and 72 times more advantageous for the environment than landfills and incinerators.

Pirelli Ambiente
Pirelli Ambiente is the Pirelli Group company focused on renewable energy. In the field of renewable energy sources and, in particular, of energy recovery from MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), Pirelli Ambiente has developed and patented a High-Quality Solid Recovered Fuel (HQ-SRF). In the photovoltaic energy sector, Pirelli Ambiente created Solar Utility SpA, which invests in roof based solar energy systems for production in Italy.

Bosco International
Bosco International Pty Ltd, established in 2006, facilitates services, systems and processes for industry sectors seeking to create a sustainable environment, including saving energy or protecting resources. Bosco works with Australian and international companies, to offer sustainable environmental solutions. It seeks to achieve approvals and introduce new processes and systems for positive environmental results in: Waste management, Recycling, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Soil Remediation, Water treatment, Agribusiness, Natural Resources, Infrastructure, and Mining.

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Quatro-Rodas_bigFrom Brazil new recognition for Pirelli. The ninth Os Eleitos survey, the annual research project conducted in collaboration with the consultancy company Gfk Indicator, which asks the owners of the 40 best-selling cars in the country for their preferred brands, has just been published in Quatro Rodas magazine. The result is an index of satisfaction that classifies brands and models on the basis of their ability to meet motorists’ expectations.
Pirelli came top in the tyre category this year with a five percentage point lead over its nearest rival and is confirmed as the country’s preferred brand.

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EIB and Pirelli: 100 million euro financing agreement signed in support of R&D for 2009-2012

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Pirelli signed a financing agreement today for a 100 million euros loan from EIB for support of projects in the area of Pirelli Group research and development for 2009-2012.

The loan is for support of research and development in the field of product and manufacturing process innovation for reduction of the environmental impact of tyres, among other things, improving their performance and safety standards thanks to identification of innovative materials and components. The project regards activities of the various research and development centers of Pirelli in Italy and abroad, and was finalized as part of the 200 million euros credit line resolved upon by EIB last July.

The new loan consolidates the relationship between Pirelli and EIB, which in the past contributed to the Group’s constant commitment to innovation and development of its competitiveness on a global scale.

“We are happy to continue in our tradition of supporting the Pirelli Group, which makes investment in research one of the pillars of its policy for growth in international markets, placing great attention on the goal of reduction of polluting emissions – which is a priority for EIB,” said Dario Scannapieco, EIB vice president in charge of Italy, Malta and the Western Balkans.

The loan from EIB,” said Marco Tronchetti Provera, chairman of Pirelli “represents a contribution to and an important recognition of the research activity of Pirelli, which has always been strongly committed in this direction with the aim of improving quality of products for the benefit of consumers and the competitiveness of the Group on the market. Today, in particular, this effort shows us committed to development of products and processes that are more and more eco-compatible, that is, oriented towards adopting technologies that offer customers not only safety and high performance, but also solutions which are respectful of the environment.”
Download EIB and Pirelli joint press release(pdf)