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Toyota Awards PirelliPirelli Pneus Ltda achieved this month the Toyota recognition in both performance categories. Out of 110 suppliers the Company was granted with the Logistics and Quality Excellence performance awards in the 7th edition of the Mercosur Toyota Suppliers Conference.

During all over 2008, Pirelli conquered this position with the carmaker not only because of the products figures but also from the excellent services provided.

In Brazil, Pirelli Pneus Ltda has a long term relationship with Toyota, since the carmaker started the operations in the country in 1998. From then on, Pirelli tyres equipped close to 50% of the Toyota´s production. The Tyre Company also constantly struggles to deepen the quality of the products which are developed jointly with Toyota and fulfill all the strict performance level required.

In order to be awarded in the Quality field, the supplier could not have any part returned all over the year and also could not receive any complain after the vehicle’s sale. To the Logistics, the criteria are fulfill 100% the delivery’s requests and also cannot delay them.

This was not the first time that Pirelli was certified by Toyota:  the company had already won in 2006 and 2007 with Logistic Excellence Award and reached the Toyota’s Quality Certificate in the years of 2004, 2005 and 2007 to finally conquer the Quality Excellence Award in 2008.

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img_p7Cinturato P7 is already on the track. A few days before the official presentation in Rome from 3-8 April, the Pirelli ecological tyre for large cubic capacity cars is on the Nardò International Test Track in the province of Lecce, Italy, conducting a dynamic test marathon involving a total of 500 journalist-testers and dealers from all over Europe.

Awaiting them at the Salento circuit is a ‘scuderia’ of the latest and most prestigious Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Alfa Romeo, BMW and Volvo E-class cars, for which the Cinturato P7 has been selected by their manufacturers as original equipment.

Performance and safety while respecting the environment. The Cinturato P7 is the first tyre for cars in the top market segment able to be a high performer, safe and ecological at the same time, due to avant garde materials and design techniques, which Pirelli recounted at the Castello Monaci in Lecce.

In synthesis: compounds and materials, structure and tread pattern were developed in equilibrium among themselves so as to guarantee constant performance for the whole life of the tyre in terms of reduction in harmful emissions, lowering noise levels, operating economy, shorter braking distances and handling.  P7 is constructed entirely of materials without highly aromatic oils, ensuring an overall reduction in consumption of up to more than 4% and lowering acoustic emissions by 30%, while on the safety front it offers better braking performance in both the wet and dry by 2 and 1 metres respectively.

In line with ‘green performance’, the Pirelli Group slogan for the next three years, Cinturato P7 is ecology applied to the whole chain, from research to the end product and still more.

On the occasion of the introduction of the P7, Pirelli is launching in Italy a campaign for the ‘scrapping’ of tyres with a totally auto-financed initiative that envisages a contribution in the acquisition of fuel for motorists who decide to replace their tyres with eco-compatible products. 

In addition, the Salento launch is an Impatto Zero® event, the project of LifeGate that actuates the intentions of the Kyoto Agreement. All the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the static and dynamic presentation activity of the Cinturato P7 will be compensated for with the creation and protection of a new forest of 56,000 square metres in the reserve of Amistad Caribe in Costa Rica, the country with the highest percentage of bio-diversity in the world, which has already adopted courageous environmental policies to hold back deforestation.
Cinturato P7 will be available in the replacement market from May. Meanwhile, the logo of th new product was “fielded” on Sunday 5 April at Udine, Italy, on the shirts of the black-and-blues in the Udinese-Inter football match.

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P7Motorists who replace old tyres with new eco-compatible products will receive a fuel contribution up to 60 euros, fostering road safety and environmental protection.

The initiative, totally financed by Pirelli, was presented today in Rome by Chairman Marco Tronchetti Provera and Pirelli Tyre CEO Francesco Gori, at an event attended by Altero Matteoli, Minister for Infrastructure and Transportation, Adolfo Urso, Undersecretary for Economic Development and International Trade, Mario Valducci, Chairman of the Transportation, Post and Telecommunications Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, and Andrea Mondello, Chairman of Unioncamere.

This is an incentive programme is completely new for the sector and will take place from the end of May until the end of July and is being carried out in collaboration with ENI for members of the You&Agip programme. For the replacement of worn tyres below the legal limit (1.6 mm of remaining tread), Pirelli will recognise a contribution of up to 60 euros for the purchase of fuel, depending on the type of eco-compatible tyres that will be acquired.

Protagonists of this innovative incentives programme are the Cinturatos, the family of Pirelli ‘green’ tyres which, after the P4 and P6 launched last year for cars in the medium segments, is now widened with the new P7, unveiled at the same event at the Tempio di Adriano.

The first high performance ecological tyre destined for the high sector of the market ensures a reduction in carbon monoxide emissions of up to 4 grams per kilometre drive, and reduces acoustic emissions by 30%, while guaranteeing optimum performance in both the wet and dry.
In the meantime, research activity at Pirelli Labs to further reduce environmental impact has isolated in the rice husk – waste from the preparation of rice and not for food use – a natural component which will enter into the structure of tyres from the end of the year, reducing synthetics among their production components, therefore, to the advantage of minimising impact on the environment.

With the scrapping incentives and the Cinturato P7 together, Pirelli is aiming to re-launch demand in moments of difficult circumstances such as these, stimulating the adoption of products of low environmental impact and favouring greater road safety.