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Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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The celebrations to mark Pirelli’s 80 years in Brazil continue. The story of the PLunga in Brazil, from the 30s until today, is online at the address and is told through its factories, products, plantations, market successes and commitments in the country’s culture, sport and society.

The ship that begins this journey on the web flies the Italian flag. A tyre-narrator welcomes visitors and accompanies them through the years and in the areas built up by Pirelli, while sound effects and music recall the most significant stages, together with a video and multi-media material that mark the road, going deeper into the principal stages. In short, a young and entertaining account of a story that has become 80 years old, but which conserves the flavour and freshness of “being Brazilian in Brazil”.

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80 ANNI BRASILEEighty years of industrial and commercial presence in Brazil, celebrated with an exhibition-event entitled “80 years of history. A way to leadership”that covers the history of the Group in all sectors in which Pirelli is active. Industry first of all, but also sport, communication, social and cultural activities, which have left their mark in the collective memory of the country and often have crossed the national borders.

During a press conference at the Santo André factory in the State of San Paolo attended by the Brazilian Minister of Development, Industry and Commerce with Overseas, Miguel Jorge, representatives of the local institutions, the Consol General of Italy in Brazil, Marco Marsilli, the director of ICE of San Paolo, Giovanni Sacchi,the Chairman of the Pirelli Group, Marco Tronchetti Provera, Managing Director of Pirelli Tyre Francesco Gori and the CEO of Pirelli Pneus Latin America, Guillermo Kelly, new development plans were illustrated for the three-year period 2009-2011, which include a further investment in Brazil of 200 million dollars and an increase in production capacity.

The strategy of reinforcement in the area will consolidate the leadership of the Pirelli Group in South American markets. The new investments will permit an increase in production of 20% in car and motorcycle tyres. Brazil, where Pirelli has been present since 1929, is a country determined by the strategy of growth of the Group. The country is the leading car and truck market on the South American continent and is one of the largest at a world level. 

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Global Management ChallengeFor the second consecutive year, Pirelli is to participate in the Global Management Challenge, the most important international business strategy tournament in the world.

Now in its 28th year, the tournament involves 29 countries throughout the world. It is, in fact, the only world-wide business competition in which teams of company managers, university students of the engineering and economics faculties or MBA/Master students challenge each other in a management race.

Each team of students, guided by the company that supports them, takes on a virtual business, which they must manage as if it were real.
A sophisticated informatics system then simulates the interaction between the various teams/businesses, competitor relations and the general economic situation.

This year, Pirelli will take part in the GMC by supporting nine teams from Italy, China, Rumania and Brazil. The Italian teams are three: two from the Milan Polytechnic and one from the Bocconi University of Milan.

The competition is subdivided into local national competitions, which decree the national championship teams that are to participate in the international final, to take place in Lisbon on 21 April.

The Global Management Challenge constitutes a new opportunity to consolidate the links between Pirelli and the universities, as well as providing the company with a privileged point of observation from which to discover potential new talent.