Sustainability Channel

Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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REPUTATION INSTITUTEReputation. That is the parameter on which they base the 2009 world classification styled by the Reputation Institute of New York, which places Pirelli among the top six most reliable Italian multinationals in the world.

Present in 29 countries, the Reputation Institute monitors over 600 companies of which they evaluate the quality of their products and services, financial performance, innovative character, leadership, work environment, social and ethical responsibility on the basis of the level of trust, admiration, esteem and respect accorded to them by public opinion.

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Toyota Awards PirelliPirelli Pneus Ltda achieved this month the Toyota recognition in both performance categories. Out of 110 suppliers the Company was granted with the Logistics and Quality Excellence performance awards in the 7th edition of the Mercosur Toyota Suppliers Conference.

During all over 2008, Pirelli conquered this position with the carmaker not only because of the products figures but also from the excellent services provided.

In Brazil, Pirelli Pneus Ltda has a long term relationship with Toyota, since the carmaker started the operations in the country in 1998. From then on, Pirelli tyres equipped close to 50% of the Toyota´s production. The Tyre Company also constantly struggles to deepen the quality of the products which are developed jointly with Toyota and fulfill all the strict performance level required.

In order to be awarded in the Quality field, the supplier could not have any part returned all over the year and also could not receive any complain after the vehicle’s sale. To the Logistics, the criteria are fulfill 100% the delivery’s requests and also cannot delay them.

This was not the first time that Pirelli was certified by Toyota:  the company had already won in 2006 and 2007 with Logistic Excellence Award and reached the Toyota’s Quality Certificate in the years of 2004, 2005 and 2007 to finally conquer the Quality Excellence Award in 2008.

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MotorradFor the second consecutive year, Metzeler has been elected the king of European motorcycle tyres. The ‘Beste Marke 2009‘ award has been made to the company after a survey carried out by ‘Motorrad‘, the authoritative magazine of publisher Motor Presse and a publication which has grown substantially in Europe over the last three years.

Divided into 160 categories, from brakes to crash helmets to riding boots, the survey asked the magazine’s readers to express their preferences on the basis of a number of important parameters, like availability, value, safety and communication.

In this year’s ‘tyre’ category, 65.8% of the 30,000 readers from 12 different countries who responded to the survey said ‘Metzeler’. A matter of great satisfaction and the result of the Interact™ communications programme, which enabled Metzeler to enter into direct contact with the world of the motorcyclist in 2008, involving them in events and initiatives on the web, like the Roadtec Z6 Interact™ competition and the 2008 Experts on the Road trip.

This is a fantastic result and confirms that all our activities for this brand have been well received by the marketplace and it also shows what a strong value this brand in Germany represents“, stated head of marketing and sales, Michael Müller. “We see this title as an example of our focus on producing safe and high quality products which are engineered for motorcycle riders, by motorcycle riders. We value this award and will fight to achieve additional successes in 2009.