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Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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Our Campinas factory has won an award for its conservation and re-use of water

On World Water Day (22 March) Pirelli added yet another important piece to its sustainability mosaic, considered to be of increasing fundamental value.

That very Thursday, our Brazilian factory at Campinas won a prestigious award from the Sao Paolo Industrial Federation FIESP, recognising the commitment of our Brazilian colleagues to the treatment of water after its use in production.

It is the first time Pirelli Brazil has beaten off the stiff competition from various other major companies.

The project honoured with the award is the result of a gradual investment carried out over the last year and which has enabled the plant to re-use 100% of the water it treats internally. It has also ensured a 35% reduction in the volume of water taken from the River Capivari.

This important award is the result of a series of analyses and evaluations made by the public companies responsible for the management of water resources.

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‘My Time for Japan’: here’s our project

We have been able to raise a really significant amount of money with our ‘My Time for Japan’ campaign: our many colleagues around the world have donated a total of €112,855.22, and with the company’s contribution that sum has now doubled to over €225,000.

So how do we select the recipients of our money? Well, it’s not that easy to identify a solidarity project in one of the world’s most industrialised countries like Japan. But we have decided to aim for the children and their hunger for “food for the soul”. For their need to overcome the traumas and difficulties of the post-earthquake.

So what have we done?

With the help of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), who were most helpful as our partners in the ‘My Time for Haiti’ project, we made contact with the Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA), ONP internationally active in various parts of Asia and in particular in the area of Japan devastated by the earthquake.

The SVA proposed that we support a community building project, contributing to financing the so-called “itinerant libraries”, which have already been successfully experimented with in other Asian countries in similar situations. Itinerant libraries are a means by which volunteers create aggregation initiatives devoted first and foremost to children, but the relative families who have experienced the earthquake also benefit as many of them live in temporary houses. We are to devote all of the money raised by the ‘My Time for Japan’ project to buying a vehicle that acts as an itinerant library, as well as thousands of books.

Books and reading initiatives will be taken to 32 stations in the Iwate Prefecture, one of the areas devastated by the earthquake including Yamada Town, Otsuchi Town, Ofunato City and Rikuzentakata City to reach 2,500 children.

Fairy stories, poetry, comics, and that’s not all. Thousands of Japanese children will finally be able to go back to reading the books they prefer and receive the necessary support  to smile again, also thanks to ‘My Time for Japan’, a solidarity initiative that distinguishes us for the mobilisation of colleagues and companies together and our direct involvement in choosing the destination of the project.

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From Romania to Italy for a ‘green’ technology

As a result of its successes in recent years, Pirelli Information Systems and the IT Services Centre in Craiova together with the Slatina production unit, have proposed a joint study with the University of Craiova for a project financed by the Silvio Tronchetti Provera Foundation. This collaboration continues the enterprise mobility theme, researching new technologically advanced ideas for gathering and the complete sharing of data in all parts of the factory, meeting the needs of the specialists and managers and using new generation devices. The new project will pay particular attention to ‘green IT’ philosophy, further increasing the efforts of information technology in making its own contribution to the subject of eco-sustainability within the Pirelli Group.