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From Romania to Italy for a ‘green’ technology

As a result of its successes in recent years, Pirelli Information Systems and the IT Services Centre in Craiova together with the Slatina production unit, have proposed a joint study with the University of Craiova for a project financed by the Silvio Tronchetti Provera Foundation. This collaboration continues the enterprise mobility theme, researching new technologically advanced ideas for gathering and the complete sharing of data in all parts of the factory, meeting the needs of the specialists and managers and using new generation devices. The new project will pay particular attention to ‘green IT’ philosophy, further increasing the efforts of information technology in making its own contribution to the subject of eco-sustainability within the Pirelli Group.

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My Time for Haiti:news of the project

On 16 September, work started on the reconstruction of the Ècole Congreganiste Marie Jeanne, filles de Marie, one of the three schools severely damaged by the 12 January earthquake, which will be re-built thanks to the My Time for Haiti campaign. Reconstruction of the roof, toilets, installation of the service stairs and new fixtures are the structural tasks envisaged by specifications.Meanwhile, work is proceeding at the other two schools of the United Nations’ High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) project selected by Pirelli: the Ècole Atenoir Furmin also in the city of Belladère, and the Anse-à-Pitre Liceum at Anse-à-Pitre. By the time that work has been finished – expected to be in December – 4,000 children will finally be able to return to their school desks. As a result of the help from Pirelli and all the Group’s employees who participated in the campaign, new classrooms, services and scholastic materials will be available to the pupils so that they can study in safety and comfort.

Pictures of work underway at the Belladère school are in the photo gallery.

For information:

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Tyre and Parts signs the Copenhagen Communiqué

ComunicatoCopenaghenPirelli Tyres and Parts has adhered to the Copenhagen Communiqué, the initiative promoted by the British organisation the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders’ Group on Climate Change and supported by over 500 companies at a world level.

The objective of the commitment: develop new policies – in particular for the control of CO2 emissions – as a response to the urgency of the question of climate change.

The basic structure of the agreement envisages:

  • a maximum limit of global emissions and a long term procedure for the reduction of all gas sourced emissions of greenhouse effect for the period 2013-2050.
  • immediate commitment by the industrialised countries for the ‘de-carbonisation’ of the economy
  • intervention by the developing countries to delineate a plan for the reduction of emissions.

To read the text of the Communiqué, download the pdf

The Copenhagen Communiqué will be presented at the next United Nations Conference on the climate due to take place from 7 December. Pirelli Tyre and Parts, together with ENEL and Telecom, is among the Italian signatories of the paper, a testimony to the Group’s commitment to a sustainable environment.

In 2007, Pirelli Tyre had already adhered to the Bali Communiqué on the occasion of the United Nations Conference there on climatic change, together with 150 other international companies, a document for concrete strategic development through joint intervention of governments for an exhaustive world agreement on the climate.

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