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Rosneft, Oil Techno and Pirelli have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for joint research and development relating to synthetic rubber, in particular Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR), in Armenia.

Under the terms of the MOU, Rosneft will be the leading investor in the SBR operation in Armenia and Oil Techno will be the local partner. For its part, Pirelli will cooperate jointly with Rosneft in research and development activities to develop SBR and is interested in entering into a long-term supply agreement to purchase the SBR produced. An eco-friendly material, SBR is used in the production of “Green tyres”, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and grip in both wet and dry conditions.

Igor Sechin, President and Chairman of the Management Board of Rosneft, said: “the realization of the project will promote the revitalization of rubber industry in Armenia and will help strengthen Armenia’s economy and industrial capabilities to compete in world market. Moreover this memorandum is an example of strengthening ties between Armenia and Russia following trade agreement ratification”.

The head of Pirelli Russia, Aimone di Savoia said: “This MOU to develop a new source of synthetic rubber is another sign of our commitment to and belief in Russia and the Russian market. It is also the fruit of our growing relationship with Rosneft, one of our key partners in the region.”

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Pirelli included in the Euronext-Vigeo Eurozone 120 Index

Today Vigeo and Euronext communicated the results of the half-yearly revision of their Indexes dedicated to the sustainability of listed companies.

Pirelli entered the Euronext-Vigeo Eurozone 120, which includes European market listed companies that achieved the highest sustainability ratings in their reference universe.

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ICT: award for technological innovation

Pirelli recognised by SAP for the second consecutive year

One of the companies certified in Information Communication Technology at an international level by SAP as a Centre of Competence, Pirelli has won a bronze award in the innovation category. This recognition, received for the second successive time after last year’s gold award, is even more significant, given the large number of competitors from all over the world in the 2013 edition. The principal projects that carried a fundamental weight in achieving this success are:

-Use of the SAP HANA technological platform based on the In Memory Computing approach, as an accelerator of our SAP ERP environment. This permits both the elaboration of a large quantity of data in real time, cutting elaboration times to both considerably reduce the use of informatics resources and optimising the performance of the system itself. A Pilot Project was also carried out for the use of HANA in the context of the CYBER™ FLEET project for the construction of an applicative environment oriented towards the Big Date analysis

-In the area of revision activity of informatics systems supporting the Finances zone, we are rationalising the systems in operation with the creation of a single integrated system (Financial Supply Chain Management), which is the SAP solution selected to achieve the objective of improving the control of circulating capital and cash flow

-Predisposition of an app for the CRM solution, usable at all times at all locations with the purpose of permitting the sales force to manage their point-of-sale visits programme, gather qualitative data on clients and to always have available to them the most relevant client information

-An implementation project for the Success Factor solution of soft processes within the Human Capital Management environment (Performance Management, MBO, Learning).
So Pirelli confirms itself once again as a leader in the management and use of SAP systems

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