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Pirelli hosts the CSR Europe General Assembly 2015

Pirelli has been a member of CSR Europe since 2010. This network of enterprises in Europe that are leaders in corporate social responsibility includes over 60 multinational corporations and 40 national partners with branches in 29 European countries, which allows them to cooperate and share experiences to become the global leaders in sustainable competitiveness and social wellbeing.

In support of this alliance, the most important figures of CSR Europe were welcomed at Pirelli headquarters on Thursday, June 18, for the CSR Europe General Assembly 2015. Filippo Bettini, Chief Sustainability and Risk Governance Officer, opened the event.

The general assembly was the prelude for the conference that will be held today, Friday, June 19, in the Expo auditorium for “Last Call to Europe 2020”“, dedicated to corporate sustainability during the months of Expo Milano 2015

➔  Pirelli participates in Last Call with Filippo Bettini, Chief Sustainability and Risk Governance Officer

Cities and technologies continue to develop, subjecting the environment to greater stress. By 2050, 70% of the population will live within urban areas, which implies the need to develop universally accessible urban mobility with low environmental impact. Municipal administrations, private corporations, and NGOs have the duty and opportunity to work together to achieve these ambitious and necessary objectives.
Transportation has a primary influence on emissions, especially the use and production of automobiles and their components. As a result, tires, which are one of the factors that most influence the energy efficiency of an automobile, are fundamental elements for the reduction of auto emissions. At the same time, there is a demand for reduced consumption of energy, water resources, and raw materials during production.
This context is an opportunity for growth for Pirelli, where product and process innovation play a key role and the benefits combine higher profits and more safety for people and the environment.

Pirelli has developed “Green Performance” tires that ensure safety and a respect for the environment. In 2014 Green Performance tires already made up 46% of our overall turnover, which is a sharp increase compared to 35% in 2011. The objective is to reach 48% by 2017. Moreover, by 2020 we will reduce the rolling resistance of our products by 40% (compared to 2007). At the same time, we are currently working on production process efficiency to further limit environmental impact and to reach these objectives for improvement (compared to 2009 data) by 2020: a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions, an 18% reduction in energy consumption, a 58% reduction in water consumption, and an increase of between 73 and 95% in the recovery of production scraps. During 2014, Pirelli obtained (compared to the previous year) a 2% reduction in specific CO2 emissions, a 19% reduction in water consumption, and a 3% increase in waste recovery, which helped achieve cost efficiencies equal to 92 million euros.

All this, combined with cooperation with other exponents in the sector, is at the heart of a corporate approach that makes sustainability an opportunity for growth.

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A meeting of the shareholders of Pirelli & C. SpA took place today, in ordinary session, and approved results for 2014, which ended with a consolidated net profit of 332.8 million euro and parent group net profit of 258.0 million euro, decided on the distribution of a dividend of 0.367 euro per ordinary share and 0.431 euro per savings share. The date of dividend payment is May 20th, 2015 (ex-coupon May 18th, 2015 and record date May 19th, 2015).

The Shareholders’ Meeting then approved the proposal from Camfin S.p.a. to confirm as members of the Board of Directors Igor Sechin, Didier Casimiro, Andrey Kostin, Ivan Glasenberg, Petr Lazarev and Igor Soglaev. Andrey Kostin and Ivan Glasenberg declared their suitability to qualify as independents. The mandates of the directors nominated will expire at the same time as that of the current Board of Directors that is with the approval of results for the year ending December 31st, 2016.

The board members’ curricula can be found online at the Company’s website

The Shareholders’ Meeting also nominated, using the slate system, the Company’s new Audit Committee for the years 2015, 2016 and 2017, which is composed of Francesco Fallacara, nominated chairman, Antonella Carù and Fabio Artoni as standing auditors and Andrea Lorenzatti, Fabio Facchini and Giovanna Oddo as alternate auditors. The chairman of the new audit committee and the alternate auditor were taken from the minority slate (voted by 29,99% of the capital represented at the Shareholders’ Meeting) presented by a group of savings management companies and financial intermediaries, while the other names were taken from the majority slate (voted by 52,97% of the capital represented at the Shareholders’ Meeting) presented by Camfin S.p.A. Compensation of 50,000 euro for the standing auditors and 75,000 euro for the chairman of the audit committee was established.

The curricula of the new auditors can be seen online at the Company’s website

The Shareholders’ Meeting also authorized the Board of Directors to stipulate a D&O insurance policy and the buy-back and disposition of own shares up to 10% of Company Capital and for a maximum period of 18 months, thus renewing the previous authorization decided on June 12th, 2014. In this regard it should be noted that, up to today, no shares have been bought under the previous authorization.

The Shareholders’ Meeting also voted in favour of the Policy in matters of remuneration with 85% of voting capital at the Shareholders’ Meeting.


It should be noted that the 2014 Annual Report will be available to the public at the Company’s headquarters in Milan at Viale Piero e Alberto Pirelli 25 and at Borsa Italiana S.p.A. and can also be seen online at and through the authorized storage mechanism.


The minutes of the Shareholders’ Meeting will be made available to the public in the same manner as above, as well as through the authorized storage mechanism ( by June 14th, 2015.

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Pirelli will also take to the field alongside Javier Zanetti and the other great champions who made the history of soccer, in the charity initiative “Zanetti and Friends Match For Expo Milano 2015” which will take place at the Stadio Meazza on May 4th, 2015. The event, which from the field of San Siro wants to give a symbolic “kick off” to the Universal Exposition which begins on May 1st, sees Pirelli in the role of Top partner for the initiative and as jersey sponsor for the team that will go up against one carrying the Alfa Romeo brand, the match’s other Top partner.

The support for “Zanetti and Friends Match For Expo Milano 2015” reaffirms Pirelli’s commitment to the promotion and dissemination of sport as an instrument of integration and dialogue between different cultures and generations, as well as further strengthening the relationship between Pirelli and Expo. In 2014, in fact, Pirelli supported the “Inter-religious Match for Peace – promoted by Javier Zanetti’s Fondazione P.U.P.I. and by Scholas Occurrentes – to be an ambassador for the values of diversity, multiculturalism and dialogue, always central to Pirelli.

Being one of the protagonists of Expo also with this initiative is one of the ways in which Pirelli, in line with its international mission, wants to contribute to this great international event which for several months will transform the city into the centre of the world, a crossroads for different cultures and lifestyles. For this reason, Pirelli already supports the “Albero della Vita”, the exposition’s icon, as a symbol of creativity and industrial quality which characterizes the country within Expo. Further, Expo Milano 2015, has already supported Pirelli giving its patronage to “Form and Desirer”, the exhibition dedicated to the Pirelli Calendar which ended last month and was organized and produced by GAmm Giunti and Palazzo Reale, which hosted the show in its own rooms.

Pirelli’s commitment to “Zanetti and Friends Match For Expo Milano 2015” bears witness to the Company’s commitment to the creation of a society of solidarity and ethics, above all between young people, also through sport. The company’s passion began in 1895 in cycling, followed in 1913 by Pirelli’s entry into the world of motorcycles where it remained until 1956, only to return in at the end of the 1990s, becoming from 2004 sole supplier of the Superbike world championship. It began in motorsport in 1907 when Pirelli tyres were used on “Itala” which participated in the Peking-Pars raid. It was the beginning of an adventure which saw it also as a protagonist in the Mille Miglia, the world of Rallies, Grand Touring up to Formula 1 where Pirelli, since the 2011 season, has been the sole supplier for all the teams.

Beyond the world of motors, Pirelli’s most famous relationship with sport is that with the world of soccer. This began in 1877 when the production of articles in rubber for sport commenced and in 1922 it evolves into a patent for the rubber treatment of soccer balls. In 1926, Piero Pirelli – the company’s founder’s son – promotes the construction of the San Siro stadium, still one of Milan’s symbolic locations and which today hosts the “Zanetti and Friends Match For Expo Milano 2015”. But it is in 1995 that Pirelli’s relationship with soccer becomes even closer, when its history becomes entwined with that of Inter, one of the world’s most important and well known clubs. A relationship which sees Pirelli also as a supporter of the Inter Campus project, born in Italy and subsequently exported also to other countries of the world with the goal of helping children in difficulty setting them on thepath of scholastic and sporting education. Pirelli’s commitment to society is not limited to sport, but takes many forms of social involvement: since its foundation, in 1872, Pirelli has in fact promoted civic progress in all the communities where it operates, supporting social, environmental, cultural and sporting initiatives throughout the world in the context of health, education and training.

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