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Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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A sustainable week for Pirelli Romania

For Pirelli Romania, a week devoted to sustainability.
From 5-12 May, our colleagues developed three projects for the environment and the community.
The first, Sport and Family, involved the protagonists of Intercampus with their respective families. No fewer than 100 people took part in an entire day devoted to sport and healthy competition at the Pirelli Stadium.

The second initiative, Let’s Clean the Strehareti Forest, has become a tradition for our colleagues. And to confirm the sensitivity displayed by Pirelli Romania to that tradition, 180 volunteers took part.

The third and last project had our colleagues very much to the fore again, planting ornamental trees in a public area not far from the Intercampus football pitch.

But it’s not finished yet: next, participation in City Cross is on the cards, an event organised by the Romanian Olympic Committee. At the event called, Corporate Games, there will be a Pirelli football team, which will compete in a competition between multinationals.

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