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The tyre dealers vote Pirelli

Car: More than 500 guests were at the Birmingham Metropole Hotel on the evening of 20 October to attend the 82nd Tyre and Fast Fit Awards (TAFF) presentation. This year, the National Tyre Distributors’ Association (NTDA), the organisation that promotes the interests of British tyre specialists, bestowed the award on Pirelli.

The various candidate companies were selected by the dealers until the manufacturers had been reduced to the five brands with the most votes, which this year were Continental, Michelin, Yokohama, Hankook and Pirelli.

According to the British dealers, we are superior to the competition in standards of product safety and reliability.

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Pirelli top brand in Brazil

Pirelli was elected for the ninth consecutive year the most remembered tyre brand in the annual Top of Mind award, prepared by the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper. The company was also the most remembered among men, leading once again the category Top Male.

The survey, conducted by the Datafolha Institute, asks one of the following questions: “What is the first brand that comes to mind when talking about (tyre)?” and” What is the first brand that comes to your mind? “.

The awards ceremony took place on the evening of October 25th in São Paulo and and once again reinforces Pirelli tyres as a Brazilian preference.

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Pirelli in Mexico on the “Ruta de la Amistad”

As part of the celebration to mark 150 years of Italian unity, Pirelli has decided to support the restoration of a statue donated by Italy in 1968 to Mexico City. In the year in which the Olympic Games took place in the Mexico, Italy presented the country a work by Costantino Nivola called “Hombre de Paz” as part of La Ruta de la Amistad or The Road to Friendship. The statue is a complex artistic and cultural project that acts as a constant reminder of the links between the two countries, destined to continue and expand in part due to the contribution of the many Italian companies that operate in Mexico.

The initiative, which is part of a wider urban upgrading programme in the city being sustained by Italy and, helped by Pirelli, envisages the location of the statue in a large garden, crossed by a 25-metre metal public walkway, which will enable people to see the Costantino Nivola work and, at the same time, enjoy the protected species that bloom there in the spring, as well as a volcanic rock formations dating back 2,000 years, without harming the environment.

The opening of the walkway took place in the presence of Mauricio Canineo, director general of Pirelli Mexico, Roberto Spinelli, the Italian ambassador to the country, and Adalberto Cortesi, ex-director general of Techint S.A. During the ceremony, Mr. Canineo underlined how it is of fundamental importance that Pirelli institutes good relations with the local community, in particular through urban ecology projects such as this, as a result of which it has been possible to restore a work that features in the “Precious Monuments in the World” list, compiled by the World Monument Fund (WMF).

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