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Pirelli confirmed world leader in Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for the fifth year in a row

For the fifth year in a row, Pirelli was confirmed world leader in the Autoparts and Tyres sector in the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe and Dow Jones Sustainability World indexes.

The analysis and review of Indexes components was carried out by SAM Group, the Swiss investment boutique focused exclusively on Sustainability investing and in charge of the assessment and selection process for admission to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. Admission criteria regard economic, environmental and social areas. The economic area include corporate governance, risk management, codes of conduct, brand management and innovation processes. On the environmental front, SAM looks at reporting, environmental policies, procedures and systems, responsible product management, climate change and emissions reduction strategy and energy efficiency. Finally, the social criteria include development and management of human resources, philanthropy, health and safety in the workplace, supply chain management and stakeholder engagement.

More info on SAM Group and Dow Jones Sustainability indices at and

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