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Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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'China Auto Aftersales Summit Forum'

Over the next three years, Pirelli will invest 300 million euros in China to meet the growing demand of the biggest car market in the world.

And it was in that country that Pirelli gained its most recent recognition in the form of the best marketing award, which it received recently during the China Auto Aftersales Summit Forum.

The prestigious award was presented to Giovanni Angelo Ponzoni, Pirelli’s director of marketing in the Asia-Pacific area, who was visibly pleased to receive this authoritative recognition. He said, “We are honoured to have won the best marketing award, which gratifies us and recognises the efforts Pirelli makes in this area.

“We are fully concentrated on our green performance products, a reason for which the F1 teams and many luxury car manufacturers chose us”, Mr. Ponzoni continued. He concluded by recalling Pirelli’s strong commitment in China, saying, “Over the next few years, Pirelli will continue to invest in the development of its products, brand marketing and technological innovation in the Chinese market and in general throughout Asia”.