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'Ópera na Escola'

Ten elementary schools in the state of Saõ Paolo, Brazil, have been involved in ‘Ópera na Escola’, a project supported by Pirelli and the secretary of culture of Saõ Paolo, designed to promote culture and social integration Escola:E.E. Papa Joao Pauloamong the poorest stratas of the population.

‘La Severa Padrona’, an opera by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, first performed in Naples in 1733, was presented to the students of elementary schools in Santo André, Campinas, Sumaré and Barueri. Before each performance, the children were able to go deeper into the story and the characteristics of the opera due to the materials made available to them by the project. After the performance, which had been adapted to the young public with the translation of the text into Portuguese, the students were able to ask questions about the opera and the profession of opera singing.

Escola: E.E. Fabio Faria SyllosThe actors, established professionals on the national artistic scene, performed in the open, in the schools and sports pavilions. Due to the quality of their performance, they received the enthusiastic applause of the children, of whom more than 500 attended on some occasions. The representation of the story of Uberto and Serpina, the two protagonists of ‘La Severa Padrona’ – an opera of substantial educational content – transmitted to the young audiences the fundamental values of respect and sincerity.

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Happy birthday to Pirelli Argentina

Pirelli has celebrated its 100 years in Argentina with an international press conference at Merlo, in the province of MTP and Presidente ArgentinaBuenos Aires, in the presence of the President of the Nation of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and, for Pirelli, the Group’s chairman, Marco Tronchetti Provera, managing director of Pirelli Tyre Francesco Gori, the CEO of Pirelli Pneus Latin America Guillermo Kelly and the president of Pirelli Neumáticos Argentina Franco Livini. Also at the press conference was an important representation of the country’s national and local institutions, including the Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Daniel Scioli, the Minister for Industry, Débora Giorgi, Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman, the Minister of Work, Carlos Tomada, the Italian ambassador to Argentina, Guido Walter La Tella and the Mayor of Merlo, Raúl Othacehé.

Presidente ArgentinaAt Merlo, Pirelli presented the development plan to be concluded by 2013, which aims to increase production capacity in the SUV and light truck market segments from 5 million to over 6 million units a year. The Merlo factory, which has been operational since 1951, accounts for 10% of the Group’s overall production in Latin America, where Pirelli has seven plants of which five are in Brazil and one in Venezuela: together with the Argentinean installation, they generate 36% of Pirelli Tyre’s overall turnover.

Volkswagen, GM, Fiat, Ford, Peugeot and Iveco are all clients of the Merlo factory, 50% of the production of which MTP and Presidente Argentinagoes to the internal market and the rest to Brazil, other South American markets and the USA. Pirelli’s investment will be $US100 million by 2013, of which about $US20 will take place in 2010 to make technological and qualitative improvements and increase production capacity. Coherent with the strategy that sees Pirelli ever more committed to the development and manufacture of ‘green performance’ products, in 2011 the installation envisages a new production process for compounds, which will enable the plant to produce 50% of the tyres it makes with a reduced environmental impact.

As well as holding the press conference, Pirelli celebrated the centenary of its presence in Argentina with the presentation of the exhibition ‘Pirelli 100 años de Argentina’ and a gala dinner attended by the Italian ambassador to Buenos Aires, Guido Walter La Tella, representatives of the country’s world of industry and executives of the Group.

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Pirelli to invest in Argentina 100 million dollars by 2013




Pirelli is consolidating its position in Argentina and will invest 100 million dollars at its Merlo facility, in the province of Buenos Aires, by 2013.

The development plan for Pirelli in Argentina, where the group’s activities began 100 years ago, was MTP and Presidente Argentinaillustrated at a press conference held today in Merlo, with the participation of Argentinian President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the Governor of Buenos Aires Province Daniel Scioli, Industry Minister Débora Giorgi, Foreign Affairs Minister Héctor Timerman, Labour Minister, Carlos Tomada, Italian Ambassador to Argentina Guido Walter La Tella, the Mayor of Merlo, Raúl Othacehé, the Chairman and CEO of Pirelli, Marco Tronchetti Provera, the CEO of Pirelli Tyre, Francesco Gori, the CEO of Pirelli Pneus America Latina, Guillermo Kelly, and the Chairman of Pirelli Neumáticos Argentina, Franco Livini.

The plan, aimed at increasing production capacity and strengthening Pirelli’s leadership in LatinAmerica, is part of the Company’s international expansion strategy which, in recent years, has seen it progressively increase its direct industrial presence in markets offering the highest rate of growth, as well as competitive costs.

Of the 20 production sites that make up Pirelli’s industrial universe, seven facilities are located in South America (one in Argentina, five in Brazil, one in Venezuela) and generate 36% of Pirelli Tyre’s total sales, with an output covering all segments: car, industrial vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural and worksite machinery.

The Merlo factory, where Pirelli has operated since 1951, produces over 5 million units annually for the entire car, SUV and light truck range and today accounts for 10% of the group’s total production in Latin America and 20% of car tyre production in the area.

PRESIDENTE E OPERAIStrengthening its presence in Argentina, in particular, guarantees Pirelli an important base from which to satisfy both increasing internal market demand, which will absorb about 50% of production, and demand from significant export markets, principally Brazil and the other South American markets and the USA. Among its clients, the factory counts the major car makers Volkswagen, GM, Fiat, Ford, Peugeot, Iveco and soon also Toyota.

The 100 million dollar investment foreseen by 2013, of which about 20 million dollars will be spent this year, will go to technological and quality improvements, as well as increasing capacity, which is estimated to rise to over 6 million units annually by the end of the period, an increase of over one million units from the present 5 million. In particular, the increase in production capacity will entail the doubling of production in the high value added SUV and light truck segments which typify the Argentine auto market.

In the context of defining the product compounds and consistent with Pirelli’s strategy of ever greater commitment to the development and production of ‘green performance’ products, in 2011 the Company will install a new process for the production of compounds which will bring the production of low environmental impact tyres to 50% of total production.

The production area today covers 48,000 square metres which, by the end of the period, will grow to 60,000 square metres. Overall, the investment plan will generate 300 new jobs over time, reaching a total of 1,200 employees compared with around 1,000 in 2010 and 900 in 2009.

By the end of 2010, Pirelli’s sales in the country are expected to grow by 55% to 365 million dollars and the target for 2013 is 500 million dollars. This compares with 235 million dollars last year.

MTP and Presidente ArgentinaAfter the slowdown in 2009, the Argentine car market is experiencing an increasing dynamism linked to the performance of the internal market where some leading car makers – Ford, Renault, Volkswagen, Toyota, Peugeot, Mercedes and Honda among them – are launching new projects, as well as demand from nearby markets beginning with Brazil which absorbs a large part of local production. According to data released by the national association of car producers (Adefa), moto vehicle production in the first nine months of 2010 exceeded 500,000 units, with a growth of 50% compared with the same period in 2009. At years end, according to sector estimates, production could surpass 650,000 units (513,000 in 2009). Today, car production today represents more than a third of Argentina’s industrial growth and 34% of manufacturing sector exports.

Pirelli’s leadership and brand penetration in the Argentine market are proof of consumer appreciation and in 2010, for the third consecutive year, the Company won the ‘Marcas Confiables’ prize. This is awarded to companies with the greatest reliability according to studies carried out annually by the magazine Selecciones.

100 years in Argentina

Pirelli’s activities in Argentina began 100 years ago and Pirelli Argentina was born in 1910 when the Group, then involved in the sale of rubber goods made in Milan, participated in the Buenos Aires Expo. At the end of 1917 “Pirelli Platense” began operations. With 24 workers, it was the Pirelli group’s first company in the Americas. In 1921, it began producing cables in the Donato Alvarez plant in Buenos Aires.

A leap in scale occurred in 1929. Pirelli had already bought land on the outskirts of the capital to build an electric cable factory: the “La Rosa” plant. In the same year a small rubber factory was acquired and incorporated into the same plant. The “La Rosa” plant was further extended with the construction of a new factory and the broadening of activities to include shoes made of rubber and cloth.

Having become Industrias Pirelli Saic in 1948, Pirelli Argentina acquired a factory in Bella Vista, outside Buenos Aires, in 1956 to house all its rubber processing, both for the cable sector and diversified products. In 1968, with the acquisition of 100% of the Coplan company, of which it had held 50% since 1951, Pirelli began the direct in-country production of tyres at Merlo, where the Group’s Argentine plant, after years of expansion and job creation, is still located.

The centenary of the Company’s presence in the country will be celebrated today with the inauguration of the exhibition ”Pirelli 100 años de Argentina” and a gala dinner with the participation of the Italian Ambassador to Argentina, Guido Walter La Tella and representatives of the country’s industrial establishment, as well as Pirelli’s top management.

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