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Pielli exclusive F1 tyre supplyer from 2011


The FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile), the Teams, and Formula One’s organising body, have chosen Pirelli as their exclusive supplier, based on the specific proposals from the Italian company to guarantee technical and operational stability to the competitors.
Pirelli will provide teams with six different types of tyre for the season: four slicks, with different compounds for various types of dry surfaces, one rain tyre for heavy rain, and one intermediate tyre for damp conditions or light rain.
Pirelli is also proud to announce that it will supply for the three-year period (2011-2013) the GP2 World Series in addition to a tyre supply agreement starting from the current year for the inaugural GP3 series. Pirelli will consequently become the single supplier to all the most prestigious racing championships in the world from 2011.
The last Grand Prix victory claimed by Pirelli was the 1991 Canadian Grand Prix, with Nelson Piquet driving for Benetton.