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antiparticolatoincentivi_detailFrom mid October to late December 2009, or until inventory runs out, transport operators could equip their commercial vehicles with particulate filters produced by Pirelli Eco Technology, benefitting from the Pirelli incentive plan.
The campaign, whose aim is to stimulate immediate adoption of the filter systems, which allow for containment of substances damagining to the environment and to health in emissions from the most polluting vehicles, includes three categories of incentives based on type of vehicle: 500 euros for light commercial vehicle filters (vans, minivans, minibuses, etc.), 750 euros for midsized commercial vehicle filters and 1000 euros for filters for heavy commercial vehicles (trucks).
The Pirelli incentives are cumulative with those available from the public administration, for example the Lombardy Region, for purchase and fitting of particulate filter systems.
Feelpure particulate filters remove more than 90% of fine and ultra-fine particle matter emissions (Pm10 and lower), the most dangerous to human health, and 50% of nitrogen dioxide of emissions. Installation of Feelpure filters allows Euro 1-2 vehicles to reach the Euro 4 vehicle category, and Euro 3 vehicles to reach the Euro 5 vehicle category.

For more information on how to access incentives, seeĀ

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