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The double A makes its truck debut

It’s time for new arrivals from Pirelli Truck.

The ST:01™ Neverending™ Energy™, our tyre developed specifically to equip trailers and semi-trailers, has taken its place in the European market.

A debut that has already attracted its first success, given that it is the first Pirelli range to acquire the double class A of the European Label for its rolling resistance, and wet grip.

Generating fewer emissions, the ST:01™ Neverending™ Energy™ line combines safety with energy saving, while maintaining optimum performance in terms of mileage and wear rate, which are typical of a truck tyre.

These are the strong points of the ST:01™ Neverending™ Energy™:
- An innovative tread pattern
- A bi-strata technology tread compound with a high silica content, which reduces heat generation and, therefore, rolling resistance as well as ensuring greater resistance to cuts and provides a higher mileage.
- The tyre’s profile, geometry of its sidewalls and beads are new.

By the end of 2012, the first size of the new ST:01™ Neverending™ Energy™ (385/65 R 22.5) will go on sale and the 385/55 R 22.5 will become available in January.

An extremely important result, which is in line with Pirelli’s key strategy of providing ever greater driving safety together with high quality and innovation.

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European stock markets were up in the week from the 11th to the 15th of June, 2012 (London +0.8%, Frankfurt +1.6%, Paris +1.2%, Madrid +2.5%), thanks to the agreement on European aid to the Spanish banking system and the statement by the ECB President, confirming the intention to provide funding to financial institutions.

Bank stocks were up, also thanks to short covering (European index +1.8%), whereas the Auto & Parts sector ended the week down 2.8%, due to macro uncertainties.

Pirelli closes the week at €7.815 (-1.9%), with 3.4 million shares traded per day, on average. The acquisition of Dackia was positively welcomed by the market; according to Banca Aletti the agreement is strategically significant since it allows for a better coverage of the Nordics market, structurally oriented towards the profitable winter tyre segment. Moreover, according to Morgan Stanley’s research piece on the Essen Tyre Show, Pirelli is best positioned among European tyre makers to take advantage of the upcoming tyre labeling regulation, along with the surprisingly well ranked Emerging Markets producers.

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The new Cinturato offers more mileage, lower rolling resistance and reduced wet braking distances – highlighted by its excellent score of ‘AA’under the new European tyre label legislation

At Essen, Germany, today (5 May) the curtain goes up on new Cinturato P7 Blue. For the four days entirely devoted to the new developments from the tyre world, the spotlight will be firmly on this Cinturato family newborn. The tyre has been developed for medium cubic capacity cars and, like other evolutions of the Cinturato P7, it is confirmed as an ecological product.

High mileage, reduced braking distances and low rolling resistance are the Cinturato P7 Blue’s main characteristics, while the name recalls the WET tread compound of the Formula 1 tyre, from which its technology is derived.

It is precisely for its low rolling resistance and braking in the wet that the Cinturato P7 Blue has received top marks ‘A’ and ‘B’ in the tyre labelling classification (European Tyre Label) introduced by the European Union and which will become obligatory for cars, light and heavy commercial vehicle tyres from 1 November.

Cinturato P7 Blue will be available in 16 sizes in Europe from next July.

Also making their debut at Essen are the new Serie 01 truck tyres, which benefit from all the latest technological innovations created by Pirelli’s research and development division for the tyre’s structure, tread compound and pattern:

·        H:01 tyres designed for use on motorways, dual carriageways and surfaces that determine reduced treads wear.

·        ST:01 to equip trailers and semi-trailers.

The ecological covers developed by Pirelli for heavy goods vehicles have been given the maximum number of marks on their labels.

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