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FH65 per pullman turistici-A new long distance tyre for the local Egyptian market for personal transport for tourism was unveiled in Cairo on 2 July. In the presence of the managers of the largest fleets of tourist vehicles in Egypt, and the major distributors of tyres in the country, Pirelli presented the FH65, its new tyre with directional tread for steering axles that can guarantee longer life with maximum comfort and handling.

Compared to previous solutions, this new product has a more innovative structure in terms of both performance and safety. The tread is a product of the new dual layer technology that associates two types of mix: the outer layer favours wear and stress-resistance, while theĀ  low hysteresis inner layer reduces heat generation and helps the shoulder resist lacerations. A new tread that increases safety and improves driving comfort, elements that further recommend this tyre to tourism companies.

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