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Pirelli ESG Investor Briefing

A PRI – UN Global Compact initiative

Pirelli ESG Investor Briefing

13 March 2013 – 9:00 PDT – 12:00 EDT – 16:00 GMT – 17:00 CET

On 13 March 2013, Pirelli will host its ESG Investor Briefing, as part of a joint PRI-UN Global Compact initiative designed to improve company-investor communications on ESG information, following the model of traditional financial quarterly calls.

During the 1-hour webcast conference call Mr. Marco Tronchetti Provera, Chairman and CEO, and Mr. Maurizio Sala, Head of Planning & Control Department and Filippo Bettini, Head of Sustainability & Risk Governance will present the company’s ESG value drivers using a framework developed in collaboration with Global Compact LEAD companies and PRI investors, followed by a 30 minutes Q&A session for participating investors.

The Pirelli ESG Investor Briefing is a part of a series of 10-15 pilot presentations by Global Compact companies in 2012-2013 designed to test and refine the ESG Investor Briefing concept and develop a framework complementary to sustainability reporting for corporate communication with the investor community on strategic ESG risks and opportunities.

If you are interested in participating in Pirelli’s ESG Investor Briefing, and you are a a PRI signatory, you can directly register here. If you are not a PRI signatory, please contact Danielle Chesebrough, Manager of Investor Engagements with the UN Global Compact at, who will register you and provide you with a link for the webinar and dial-in details.

Open the PRI-UN Global Compact – Pirelli invitation (PDF Version, 256 KB)

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The double A makes its truck debut

It’s time for new arrivals from Pirelli Truck.

The ST:01™ Neverending™ Energy™, our tyre developed specifically to equip trailers and semi-trailers, has taken its place in the European market.

A debut that has already attracted its first success, given that it is the first Pirelli range to acquire the double class A of the European Label for its rolling resistance, and wet grip.

Generating fewer emissions, the ST:01™ Neverending™ Energy™ line combines safety with energy saving, while maintaining optimum performance in terms of mileage and wear rate, which are typical of a truck tyre.

These are the strong points of the ST:01™ Neverending™ Energy™:
- An innovative tread pattern
- A bi-strata technology tread compound with a high silica content, which reduces heat generation and, therefore, rolling resistance as well as ensuring greater resistance to cuts and provides a higher mileage.
- The tyre’s profile, geometry of its sidewalls and beads are new.

By the end of 2012, the first size of the new ST:01™ Neverending™ Energy™ (385/65 R 22.5) will go on sale and the 385/55 R 22.5 will become available in January.

An extremely important result, which is in line with Pirelli’s key strategy of providing ever greater driving safety together with high quality and innovation.

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Pirelli presents Cinturato P1, the high-tech “green” tyre developed for small and medium-sized cars, which guarantees lower, performance on every surface and is environmentally friendly. The new addition to the Cinturato family was tested at its world premiere by the European media in Puglia, on a route winding through olive trees, beautiful villages and the Adriatic coast. Cinturato P1, soon to be launched also in Latin America and Asia, will be available on the European spare parts market by the end of 2011 in sizes ranging from 14” to 16” and has already been selected as original equipment by BMW.
Cinturato P1 expands Pirelli’s “green” range and includes Pirelli technology developed for its Ultra High Performance tyres: Cinturato P1 was designed according to the already successful state-of-the-art standards of Cinturato P7 and developed at Pirelli’s Research and Development center in Milan, where Formula 1 tyres are also devised.
The DNA of Cinturato P1 thus summarizes the “green” characteristics of Cinturato and Scorpion Verde, the eco-friendly tyre studied for Suvs and Crossover vehicles, and the technology studied for the P Zero family.
Safety, driving pleasure, attention to the environment and versatility are the four key characteristics of Cinturato P1, perfectly in line with new market requirements: performance seen as safety, energy efficiency and low environmental impact. Cinturato P1 is the tyre designed to comply with the coming 2012 UE Directive and label: in the first official tests, the new Pirelli tyre distinguished itself in terms of fuel savings and noise reduction, two key parameters to ensure a high “environmental score”. Thanks to its 15% lower weight and the choice of innovative technological solutions, the new Cinturato achieves a reduction in rolling resistance of up to 25%. Also in “green” terms, Cinturato P1 reduces external noise by 1,5 dB and inner noise by 1dB, improving ride comfort and driving pleasure. The P1’s eco-friendly character is matched by its high technological content: in some sizes, the new tyre is available also in the Run Flat version, which provides continual mobility.
The new Cinturato reinforces Pirelli’s “Green Performance” strategy – “green” products accounted for 36% of sales in 2010 – and accounted for 27% of the total sales worldwide. This makes the Cinturato eco-friendly range the Group’s most important and one that is destined to grow, in line with the expected growth of the “Green Performance”.

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