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Some of the most eagerly-anticipated new model launches at the 2014 NAIAS Detroit Motor show are equipped with Pirelli tyres and especially the P Zero product family, catering for the world’s most sophisticated drivers.

Among these is the latest Mustang, iconic car model from US manufacturer Ford, fitted with “all season” tyres designed specifically for the North American market: the P Zero All Season.

As for the Las Vegas motor show in November, Pirelli stands out in Detroit as one of the preferred tyre brands by the world’s top car makers in the Premium and Prestige segment.

Over the last 3 years our portfolio of homologations for the North American market grew 4-fold; among the automakers which chose our tyres as original equipment, besides the top European Premium brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes, are domestic brands such as Cadillac and Ford.

The importance of the North American market to Pirelli is shown in the recent decision to build a factory in Silao, Mexico, which will mainly supply US-built German cars as well as sporty domestic car models and SUVs.

Pirelli’s growth strategy in the United States is based upon a close collaboration with automakers and, in particular, on the development of All Season products, designed to answer to the specific needs of the local market. The All Season product range includes the P Zero All Season for sporty premium cars, the Cinturato P7 All Season for premium cars and the Scorpion Verde All Season for SUVs. Pirelli’s product range for North America also includes the Cinturato P7 Plus and the Scorpion Verde All Season Plus for the demanding replacement channel.

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The double A makes its truck debut

It’s time for new arrivals from Pirelli Truck.

The ST:01™ Neverending™ Energy™, our tyre developed specifically to equip trailers and semi-trailers, has taken its place in the European market.

A debut that has already attracted its first success, given that it is the first Pirelli range to acquire the double class A of the European Label for its rolling resistance, and wet grip.

Generating fewer emissions, the ST:01™ Neverending™ Energy™ line combines safety with energy saving, while maintaining optimum performance in terms of mileage and wear rate, which are typical of a truck tyre.

These are the strong points of the ST:01™ Neverending™ Energy™:
- An innovative tread pattern
- A bi-strata technology tread compound with a high silica content, which reduces heat generation and, therefore, rolling resistance as well as ensuring greater resistance to cuts and provides a higher mileage.
- The tyre’s profile, geometry of its sidewalls and beads are new.

By the end of 2012, the first size of the new ST:01™ Neverending™ Energy™ (385/65 R 22.5) will go on sale and the 385/55 R 22.5 will become available in January.

An extremely important result, which is in line with Pirelli’s key strategy of providing ever greater driving safety together with high quality and innovation.

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The prestigious German carmaker has awarded Pirelli as best supplier in the “Material for Production” category of the 2011 Porsche Supplier Award.

The award is motivated by the appreciation of Pirelli’s efforts and reliability in the management of new projects; Porsche highlighted the extraordinary flexibility in meeting its requirements during the development of the latest versions of Porsche Carrera and Boxster.

Maurizio Boiocchi, Chief Technical Officer of Pirelli, said: “We are very happy with this prize and proud to be among Porsche’s top suppliers. This award gives us great motivation, also to pursue or goal of being global Premium leader by 2015”

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