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The week between the 4th and 8th of March 2013 ended with an upswing of the major European Stock Exchange lists (Milan +4.3%, London +2.2%, Frankfurt 3.8%, Paris +3.5%, Madrid +4.6%). The economic and political uncertainties in the Eurozone seem to disappear in the background of international markets when contrasted with the will of Central Branks to continue supporting the economies with unconventional measures. Labour data from the U.S. are also positive – the unemployment rate down to 7.7% and the week’s requests for benefits to 340,000.

Positive the Auto&Parts Industry, after last week’s sales (+3.5% lo Stoxx Auto, +7.1% YTD). Amongst the main OEMs where purchases focused due to their weekly performance, Peugeot (+18.7%) and Renault (+11.2%), the latter having validated its competitive agreement with French Unions this week.

Mixed trends in the European Tyre Business: Michelin goes down (-0.9%), while Nokian is up (+1.7%). Continental is buoyant (+9.0%), after publishing itsĀ  FY12 results. Pirelli closes the week at 8.80 (+2.7%, +1.6% YTD).

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