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The ‘factory of champions’ was inaugurated within the Pirelli industrial centre at Izmit, Turkey, the plant at which the tyres will be produced for Formula 1 for the three years 2011-2013. The industrial centre in Izmit, at which Pirelli is celebrating its 50th anniversary of activities in Turkey, hosted Pirelli’s Motorsport tyre production line since 2007, and, together with the Research and Development centre in Milan, it will become the heart of the company’s Formula 1 operations. With a production of eight million motor sport, car and truck tyres a year, the Izmit installation is today the Pirelli factory in which the greatest number of tyres are produced. In 2011, Pirelli will make a total of 200,000 racing tyres, of which 50,000 will be for the Formula 1 teams and about 70,000 will go to the GP2 and GP3 championships, of which Pirelli is the exclusive supplier.

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