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Ifiltriantiparticolatoperiltrasportosostenibile_DETAILSOn 24 June the international Convention ‘Sustainable Transport: Energy, Health and the Environment. Problems and solutions’ took place in Rome. The convention hase been organised, with the contribution of Pirelli, by VERTVerification of Emission Reduction Technologies – the international scientific association for the control of polluting emissions.
During the course of her opening address the Minister for the Environment, presented a national Government plan for the fight against smog containing severe and rigorous measures. The measure against heavy transport, which is the most urgent and will be enacted by a decree of law, is constituted by a system of filters to be installed in diesel engined commercial vehicles, which permit the investment of one euro to gain five in terms of social and health costs, given that those vehicles represent 60% of traffic smog.
Anti-particulate filters represent the most immediate and effective anti-smog system now available. In Lombardy, 7,000-8,000 vehicles among trucks and buses are fitted with such filters, against 1,500 in the rest of Italy”, said Bruno Tronchetti Provera, president of VERT and managing director of Pirelli Eco Technology, the Pirelli Group company active in the sector of technology for the control of emissions.

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