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PEERS&MARKETS 17.05-21.05.10Negative week for major stock markets: from 17 to 21 May,  London  marks a -3.8%, Milan -1.2%, Paris -3.6% and Frankfurt -3.8%. The main drivers behind performance on the stock exchanges being the fears that consolidation plans under study by European Countries might delay economic recovery.
Sales were mainly focused on shares related to basic resources (-7%) and energy (-5%) with oil falling to $ 70 a barrel.
Pirelli closed the week down by 4.5%, in line with Michelin (-5.5% the DJ Stoxx Auto).
Poor performance for the stocks of the Italian Real Estate sector with Pirelli RE down by 8.9%, Risanamento -11.4% and Aedes -9.0%.

For more in-depth information please follow the link to: Investors > Pirelli in the stock market > Peers & Markets; or click here.

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