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Investor Channel is the communication channel between Pirelli and the financial community. Analysts, shareholders and web users can use the channel for direct dialogue with the Group. The blog is moderated by Pirelli Investor Relations.

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Rubber Racer ShoeEver more innovative materials in the PZero 2010-2011 autumn-winter collection on show in Florence from 12-15 January. A revolutionary rubberised coating runs through the PZero collection, bringing to the surface the most authentic nature of the Plunga: innovative materials that use new finishes, stratifications, internal plating and details, but also the experimentation of ceramic coating
Three the main lines this collection: Rubber Racer Shoe, the shoe-shell entirely covered in rubber, the top project of the new PZero collection, Rubber Jacket with rubberised coating also on the buttonholes and under the buttons, Ceramic jacket, the classic Pirelli heavy jacket renewed by finishes of ceramic dusts, the result of Pirelli research in the area of innovative materials.
The ‘rubber touch’ coating adds to the garments a new tactile attribute to produce a unique sensory value.

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