Integration and training: WarmingUp@Pirelli

The WarmingUp@Pirelli is a project dedicated to all new graduates and junior hires.

The aim of the programme is to provide them a set of learning and development opportunities in their first three years in the company. The programme is thought and designed around the needs of its protagonists, allowing them to get to know all the business functions through real experience in factories, tyre production, sales field, research and development and several of the Pirelli functions.

The WarmingUp@Pirelli starts from the Plunga course, which seals the beginning of the journey, then you will be involved in the “on the job” training phase, which allows a global understanding of the functioning of the company, and finally you will join the “growing in Pirelli” international course, which closes the 3 years journey.


Last Revised: 22  Mar 2013