Built as memorial of Mr. Piero Pirelli, who has been the President of Pirelli from 1932 since 1956, Istituto Piero Pirelli was opened on November 28th, 1958.
It was opened in order to meet the perceived requirement of that period : to create qualified and skilled workforce according to the needs of a modern industrial structure like Pirelli.

The meaning of skill has changed during the time : the staff the Istituto Piero Pirelli had to prepare for the future (at the beginning of the 60s) was very different in skill comparing to the past, when only experience on a particular machine was required for which the workman was assigned.

The worker of the "future" was a specialist in a particular technique and in a specific field. He was able to face new and unforeseen situations with skill and suitable tools. It is this type of skilled worker that Istituto Piero Pirelli was aimed at preparing by means of a three-year course. They were attended by young people with a secondary school-leaving certificate and were aimed at giving them a technical education.

The Istituto Piero Pirelli had not only the above mentioned activity but also another one as important as the first : the organization of updating courses for electricians, metal workers and instrument designers allowing them to follow the rapid development of the equipment in particular of the "machine", which was central to both the industrial revolution and the working world.

After the transfer of competence from state to regions as far as professional education is concerned, since 1972 Istituto Piero Pirelli has been cooperating with the region of Lombardy to become an institute at the forefront of professional training.

Istituto Piero Pirelli became ideal in organising and carrying out courses both for the staff of Italian and foreign companies of Pirelli group and for the staff of other companies, that use the institute to solve their problems of professional training.

Istituto Piero Pirelli had a staff of skilled people having both great professional experience and a continuous bond with the working world in the sector. It dealt with skills in different specialisations to meet the companies requirements of high level consulting in every field. BASIC TECHNOLOGIES (i.e. Electronics, Electrotechnics, Mechanics, Fluidics), ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY divided in Automation (including Informatics of Processes, Cad/Cam and Factory Automation) and MANAGEMENT (production and innovation management) were the specific fields of intervention.

There was a long project of re-organisation of areas including warehouses/factories which began in the middle of the 80s. Since 1992 Istituto Piero Pirelli has been renting also to external people new spaces having at the disposal modern and functional rooms on an area of about 5.000 msq.

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