Development of Skills for Talents: Career Development Programs

Ad hoc development paths are envisaged for the Family of Talents that permit development of the three fundamental areas that characterise a Pirelli Talent: aspiration, ability and commitment, in line with Pirelli values and managerial skills.

These involve three paths that, in collaboration with the best European business schools, are organised, managed and co-ordinated at the Group level in order to provide solid abilities and skills for full exploitation of individual potential. The following scheme describes the entire process, position of course and relative programmes:

  • Understanding Business Complexity
    offers an accurate view of the business, so that you can move in numerous directions; it allows you to confront your experiences with those of colleagues from other Group businesses; it facilitates achievement of greater awareness of proper professional attitudes and values; it assesses the alignment of participants with high potential and Pirelli values; it helps participants construct their future development.
  • Managing Your Growing Complexity
    develops supporting skills with respect to the growing complexity of the managerial role; it helps you understand factors of success in decision making; it provides participants with feedback on motivations, skills and areas of improvement; it offers support for defining a detailed plan of development.
  • Developing Managerial Excellence
    allows you to understand the different connections between different functional areas and what impact they have on the management of business projects; it helps you develop complex managerial skills (analysis of difficult contexts, problem solving, multicultural teams, stress management).

Last Revised: 27 2006