Pension plans

The Group maintains the policy adopted in previous years, involving the abandonment of defined benefit plans in favour of defined  contribution plans.

Defined benefit plans are still currently in place:

  • in the UK (the fund was closed for all employees on the payroll at April 1, 2010 );
  • in the USA (these plans were closed a number of years ago to employees on the payroll in favour of defined contribution plans; since then, they only apply to retired employees but are not tied to wage increases);
  • in Germany (this scheme was closed to new hires in 1982).

Other defined benefit plans exist in The Netherlands, but they represent a relatively insignificant liability for the Group.

Health care


In 2012 health and safety expenditure by Pirelli Tyre totalled more than 14.7  million euro.
The expenditure made targeted improvements on machines and plant and, more in general, workplace environment as a whole (e.g. improvement of microclimate and lighting conditions, changes in layout for ergonomic improvement of activities, measures to protect the healthfulness of infrastructure, etc.).

Assistance during working hours

Pirelli has operated infirmaries for decades in its production plants, with nurses and doctors available to provide all employees with medical care during working hours. These facilities provide first aid care, advice on health problems unrelated to work and health supervision for workers exposed to specific hazards.

Healthcare promotion campaigns developed in line with local programmes also make use of these facilities.

Flu prevention campaign

Pirelli offers all its employees the opportunity to be inoculated with the seasonal flu vaccine free of charge.
The anti-flu campaign is given further impetus through wide-reaching information tools for all organisational levels (targeting employees located in the southern hemisphere during the spring and employees in the northern hemisphere during autumn).

Several thousand people have taken part in this initiative.

Last Revised: 09 Jul 2013