Employee opinion

Over the years Pirelli has introduced and affirmed attitudinal surveys as a tool for actively listening to its own employees.

The first global survey targeting white collar employees, conducted in 2008, was characterized by a high level of participation. The second survey of white collar employees conducted in 2010 had the same response rate as the previous one (78%).

Over the last three years, the Company has been transforming its strategy, organization, processes and managerial structure. This has led to the need to redefine the ways it engages people as well, according to a new logic aimed at determining the level of confidence that employees have in the organization to identify the variables that render a Company an excellent work environment.

The principle that drives the survey, and the consequent employee engagement actions resulting from it, begin with the premise that the Company can improve its own performance by constantly improving the atmosphere of trust in the working environment (Trust Index measurement).

In November 2013 Pirelli launched My Voice, the global company climate survey conducted among all employees for the very first time. Both white and blue collar employees in 34 countries were asked to express their own opinion on how they felt at the Company.

As for results, the survey revealed a strong focus on the concept of trust: the overall rating of the Trust Index was 62% , which means that 62% of our employees' responses to the 59 survey questions were positive.

The general idea is to consolidate the opinion survey as a yearly process for actively listening to our employees and implement specific new measures on a global and country level aimed at increasing their satisfaction and engagement.

MY VOICE - 2013 Pirelli Global Employee Survey


We believe that your voice counts and that you can help us to work better together.


Starting from the assumption that great workplaces are built through the day-to-day relationships that employees experience, we will gather your opinions on 5 areas: CREDIBILITY, RESPECT, FAIRNESS, PRIDE, GOOD RELATIONSHIPS






The survey consists of an online questionnaire, web-based and accessible through Internet connection.

Access to the survey site is possible through a user ID and password.

Employees can connect to the survey site from dedicated workstations made available close to the workplace but also from any Internet-connected PC.

The questionnaire consists of 59 statements and two final open-ended questions.

The participation to the survey is on voluntary basis.

Administration Period  18th November – 13th December2013
Target Population around 34.000 employees
Total respondents 4.332 people
Final response rate 80,9% White Collars 56,7% Blue Collars
Languages involved 10 languages: English (main language), Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian,
Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish
Last Revised: 18 Jun 2014