Rubber industry expertise meets
fashion design.

Pirelli channels its materials research and innovation into fashion.
Pirelli Confezioni forged a new standard of quality, style and elegance, and this heritage has been taken up by the PZero brand.

2002 - PZero, Industrial design meets fashion

Drawing on the groundbreaking quality of our high performance tyres, the PZero project brings state of the art industrial design into the world of apparel.

Rubber-based textiles

Pirelli extended its signature innovation into the market of waterproof fabrics. Its engineering applied to fabrics led to numerous patents.

Fashion advertising

The famous fashion designer Jeanne Grignani created the company's apparel advertising in this period, while during Italy's economic boom years photography was used to present the various different designs, colours and materials.

Confezioni Pirelli - Ugo Mulas

Lastex, a new generation of swimwear

By exploiting the potential of latex, fabrics could gain 400% of stretch, a development that revolutionised the swimwear scene.
In its first issue in November 1948 the Pirelli magazine published an article, entitled "A second skin", devoted to Lastex - the wonder product developed by Pirelli Revere.

Pirelli in fashion: the origins

Pirelli fashion is a key part of the Group's history. The first products were raincoats, followed by boots and work gear, and then elegant outerwear and swimming costumes.
The "Two Suns" brand, designed by the artist Bramante Buffoni, became the emblem of Pirelli Confezioni when it entered the ready-to-wear sector.