pirelli & C.

Pirelli Corporate App presents and summarizes its most significant institutional and brand contents, along with the Annual Report and it is a smart and interactive tool to stay connected to the Pirelli world.

Available for Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Android tablet and smartphones.

Through the Pirelli App
it is possible to consult
a series of interactive contents such as:

share price performance - with live interactive graphs provided by the Italian Stock Exchange - the latest news about the company and an integrated calendar with corporate, financial, communication & brand and motorsport events, including Formula 1™, live webcast presentations of periodic financial results.

In particular, the App includes:

Highlights of Annual Report and the complete volumes

Latest presentations of periodic financial results

Videos related to the editorial project of the Annual Report and various other Pirelli activities and events

Audio podcasts of financial conference calls

Interactive stock chart with the Pirelli intraday quotes on the Stock Exchange

Press releases and news from the Investor and Sustainability channels

More videos from the Pirelli world.

Last Revised: 04 Aug 2014